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What Damage Does Washing Your Hair Every Day Actually Do?

by Gabrielle Hartman December 12, 2020 3 min read

What Damage Does Washing Your Hair Every Day Actually Do?

We all engage in activities that are bad for us from time to time. Maybe it’s eating potato chips in bed, splurging on the perfect outfit, or having one too many glasses of wine. At the time, these little luxuries seem worth the consequences until the guilt settles in hours later. Often, we can quickly get over it, chalking it up to self-care. Among the things in life that hurt so good, a shower doesn’t usually make the list. However, shampooing your tresses every day can be pretty detrimental, and many people have a hard time divorcing themselves from that regular daily wash.

But is washing your locks really as damaging as plowing through a family-sized bag of Lays on a lazy day? People seem to be pretty divided on the issue. Some women can’t imagine going a day without a good wash, whereas the experts would strongly advise them against it. It’s hard to imagine that cleanliness is anything but positive when it comes to your daily routine.

It begs the question, What damage does washing your hair every day actually do?

What’s Wrong With Shampoo?

You’ve heard it before: Too much shampoo can strip your hair of its natural oils. But what does that mean?

Shampoo contains cleaning agents that, once mixed with water, are designed to cleanse your hair of grease and bacteria. But the skin on your scalp needs some of that bacteria to maintain a healthy pH balance. When that balance is thrown out of wack by excessive cleansing, it can allow the harmful bacteria to completely take over and lead to issues like inflammation on the scalp.

Some of the oil on the surface of your locks is good for keeping it moisturized. When you shampoo too often, you don’t give your strands a chance to absorb any of that moisture. The result tends to be dry or brittle locks with tons of breakage.

Experts suggest washing your hair every couple of days to hold onto the healthy oils but get rid of the grease.

But, I Can’t Go A Day Without Washing!

Yes, you can! Breaking a bad habit is always tough at first. But there are ways to make your skip days more bearable.

Skipping washes is most challenging for folks who have straight hair or those who go to the gym on a daily basis. Obviously, the latter is going to lead to more sweat and grease. However, knowing your hair type is essential when deciding how often you should wash. For example, those with extremely fine hair are more likely to get bogged down with grease and might need to wash their tresses more frequently than those with thicker locks.

Here are some ideas for those who need help getting through the skip days:

Use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo has proved extremely helpful between washes. It works by absorbing excess oils from the scalp and giving your hair a clean and voluminous boost during skip days. You can take a travel-sized dry shampoo with you to the gym if necessary to use after a workout and a body rinse.

Rinse with water or conditioner

You can get rid of unwanted dirt or oil by washing your locks with water or conditioner. This will give you the desired effect of cleanliness without allowing the harsh chemicals in most shampoos to penetrate the strands.

Embrace an updo

Use extra that excess oil to help style a sleek updo. Oily tresses actually work in your favor when attempting a high ponytail or bun. If you need even more help, a hat never hurts.

Use Quality Products

Drugstore shampoo usually contains sulfates, which are very drying. Switch to a sulfate-free shampoo. If your hair is damaged or brittle, you can utilize a conditioning treatment to nourish and revitalize your strands.

Gabrielle Hartman
Gabrielle Hartman

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