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25 Brilliant Ways To Fight Frizz

by Gabrielle Hartman December 08, 2020 5 min read

25 Brilliant Ways To Fight Frizz

For many of us, frizzy hair is just a part of life. It’s natural for our tresses (especially curly, chemically-treated, dry, or damaged locks) to act up when they are craving moisture. Strands fatten or appear frizzy because they are literally jumping from our scalp to find a moisture source in the air. But don’t worry, silky hair is in reach. We’ve talked to the FHI Heat stylists, and they’ve given us 25 genius ways to beat frizz.


1. A diffuser for curls

A diffuser does a few things for curly locks: It distributes heat evenly, expands the drying surface area, and diffusesthe air (preventing the dryer from beating up the cuticle). The result? Bouncy curls with less frizz!


2. Hairspray for flyaways

Grab an unused toothbrush (or mascara wand) and finisher to slick back your flyaways fast. If you’re in a bind or need a quick frizz fix, this tip is a lifesaver.


3. The silk pillowcase

Frizz is a symptom of dry tresses. Cotton pillowcases are moisture thieves for your locks. Maintain sleek strands by switching to silk or satin sheets.


4. Shampoo less often

Skip a hair wash when you can. Shampoo, especially a shampoo that contains sulfate, is another product that dries out your precious locks. Use dry shampoo between washes, or conditioner as an occasional shampoo replacement.


5. Heat protectant, always

We can’t stress this enough: Always, always, alwaysuse a heat protectant. It protects from future damage (aka future frizz) and also works in the present to act as a smoothing agent.


6. Prepare ahead

Knowledge is power when defending against frizz. Stay in the know by checking your weather app. Is it going to be a rainy day? Wear a bun and keep a travel-sized finisher in your bag for flyaways. Cold and dry? Apply a conditioning mask the night before to lock in moisture.


7. Smoothing serum

Serum is the quickest route to a sleek mane. It nourishes your strands, keeping them soft and shiny in the long-term, and provides an immediate manicured finish.


8. Air-dry before you style

Use the least amount of heat as possible when styling your tresses. If you’ve got time to spare, let your locks air dry instead of double-dipping with the dryer and styler.


9. Get a haircut

As you can imagine, your ends show damage the quickest, resulting in brittle or split ends. Discard the waste with a haircut. It’s healthy for your locks and keeps your hair looking full, but not full of frizz.


10. The UNBrush

The UNBrush can be used for both wet and dry hair. With fine heat-resistant bristles, it detangles and styles without breaking your strands. Maintain silky hair by using it daily!


11. Replace your towel

Regular towels aren’t the safest option for your post-shower routine. If you’ve got curly hair, fluffy towels can disrupt your natural curl pattern and create more frizz. Opt for an old T-shirt or microfiber towel instead.


12. A hair mask

Similar to a face mask, a hair mask is a way to super-charge your nutrients. When shopping around, look for one that is specifically designed to enrich your locks with moisture.


13. Use ionic tools

Ionic hair tools are iconic. Why? Ion-technology breaks up the water stored in the strands and uses them to re-hydrate the locks whilestyling. That’s why FHI Heat implements ion-technology in its tools!


14. Master the braided-bun

No time to style? No product on hand? Enter the braided bun. Create it by slipping your hair into an elastic, braiding the length, and twisting it into a bun. This tight style will keep your frizzy locks tamed and in place.


15. Colder showers

Those steamy showers you love aren’t kind to your tresses because they dry out your hair’s natural moisture-filled protective barrier. Cold showers equal stronger locks, which means less frizz.


16. Gel is your friend

Gel is a powerful fixative that makes the difference between a style that lasts an hour and one that lasts all night. With gel, you can style with confidence, knowing that your frizz will stay at bay.


17. Dry down

Here’s a tip for folks with straight hair. When styling a blowout for yourself, always point your dryer downwards. It helps with frizz by manipulating the strands to dry in a more unified shape and avoid tangles.


18. Sulfate-free shampoo

Always grab sulfate-free shampoo. While sulfates clean well, they simultaneously strip your hair of its natural healthy oils. You don’t need to be thatsqueaky clean. Plus, those oils are essential frizz fighters!


19. Use scrunchies

Hair elastics are helpful but lead to breakage, which increases frizz. Reach for the scrunchie instead. The padding around the elastic prevents breakage and kinks.


20. Bobby pins

To avoid future frizzy fiascos, always keep a few bobby pins handy. While not a long-term solution, bobby pins are great at taming hair when it simply won’t behave.


21. Condition longer

Did you know that you’re probably conditioning your hair the wrong way? You aren’t alone. Most people don’t allow enough time for the conditioner to penetrate their strands because they don’t let it sit long enough. When conditioning, wait a full five minutes to get the most out of your product. Also, invest in leave-in conditioning treatment for added moisture.


22. Don’t overuse hairspray

Though hairspray is a fantastic quick frizz-fix, it shouldn’t be abused. If you love finisher, opt for a heat-safe spray that can withstand restyling, such as Stay Beautiful Light Hold Dry Hairspray!


23. Look, but don’t touch

Are you someone who loves to run your fingers through your hair? Try your best to break this habit. The more you touch your tresses, the more friction you create between the strands. Keep your paws away from the crown to avoid adding friction-induced frizz.


24. Don’t style in steam

Styling in a rush might mean that you are drying or applying heat to your hair directly after a steamy shower. Power up that AC, turn on the fan, and try to be patient. Waiting for the air to cool will close the cuticles, making for smoothing styling.


25. Wash at night

If you are in a particularly humid area, do yourself a favor by washing your hair at night. Let your hair air dry before snoozing. In your sleep, your hair cuticles have more time to close after a shower, making morning styling way sleeker.

Gabrielle Hartman
Gabrielle Hartman

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