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These Irons Are Game-Changers!

by Gabrielle Hartman March 26, 2023 3 min read

These Irons Are Game-Changers!

Refresh Your Tools Portfolio This Spring With Our Signature Stylers

Spring is around the corner, which means one thing: Spring cleaning. Get ahead by cleaning out dingy hair tools and refreshing your tool portfolio. Not only will this help you feel personally cleansed, but you’ll also have the tools you need to style the hottest looks for the upcoming season. 

Of our favorite tools and collections, our Signature Stylers and Platform Plus tools are some of the best in the biz.


Stylize Your Life 


Even if you have straight hair, having at least one styler is crucial for a sleek, de-frizzed look. But to achieve it with minimal damage and maximal chic, you’ll want to try out ourPlatform Signature Pro Stylers. This collection comes in a variety of sizes. Larger plates are often more optimal for thicker hair types. 

The tourmaline ceramic is baked into three layers for even heat distribution and increased negative ions that will keep frizz away, and allows for a wide range of looks. High-speed heat recovery technology will also make it quick and easy to style your hair. Our HydraHeat™ technology locks in your hair’s vital moisture to reduce frizz, eliminate static, and smooth your hair. 

As the humidity rises and the weather warms, your hair is the first place you will see it. Luckily, our technology will repel frizz and help your locks shine. Additionally, the adjustable temperature from 140°F to 450°F works for all your hair type needs, and you can safely style your hair into whatever new spring style you have your eye on. 


All About The Curves


OurPlatform Plus Curve Pro Styler has extra bevelled floating plates. But what does that actuallymean? As you run the styler through the strands, the tension moves with the body of the hair to suit your hair without damaging force. 

The three layers of ceramic plates are infused with smoothing tourmaline, which produce moisture-locking negative ions to repel humidity, reduce frizz, and increase shine. Additionally, the edge-to-edge ceramic heater offers a high-speed heat recovery that will ensure you experience flawless passes and make your hair as smooth as silk. 

The floating plates offer a better grip, and a cool-touch tip offers even more control. With temperatures ranging from140°F to 450°F, you can find the exact heat setting for the look of your dreams. And speaking of the look of your dreams, our tools can create various looks, from beach waves to pin-straight locks.


Looks That WeKnowWill Pop This Spring

These stylers are perfect for polishing some of the predicted trends for spring… Here’s what you’ll want to keep an eye out for. 

The Short Bob: 

Classic, beautiful, and able to be styled in many ways, the bob will probably always land on the list of top styles. This spring, a sleek power bob is at the head of the class, and our FHI tools will help to make your hair shiny and smooth. After blow drying and using a round brush to give your hair some bounce, a flat iron is perfect for polishing the ends. Our tourmaline ceramic duo creates silky shine for the sleekest of power bobs. You can take this look from the office to the after-party without worrying about it becoming a frizzy mess. 


Textured Mid-Lob

It is not quite a bob, which is chin-length and not quite as long as an on-the-shoulders lob. This look must be trimmed every two to three months, so you must be open to that if you take on the mid-lob.

This will be an easy look to the style. If your hair is naturally wavy or curled, a blow dryer, round brush, or a few quick passes with the Platform Pro Signature Styler is all you need to freshen up for spring. 

The Shullet

Another must-have look for spring is the shullet, or octopus cut. This crossover look between a shag and a mullet will give you a lot of edge, and this look is definitely coming back. With a few passes with the straightener, you will have an effortless style that evokes cool. Our Platform Plus Pro Curve Styler will define the face-framing layers and give you a sexy spring look with lots of movement. 

Our Platform Signature Pro Stylers and the Platform Plus Curve Pro Styler are the perfect tools to bring some sizzle into your spring. With a textured mid-lob, a sleek bob, or maybe even an octopus cut, these straighteners will create fresh new looks that will take you into spring and beyond. 

Gabrielle Hartman
Gabrielle Hartman

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