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How To Style Based On Your Hair Type

by Gabrielle Hartman September 21, 2021 4 min read

How To Style Based On Your Hair Type

Most people have never actually learned which products and tools to use for their particular hair type. Just like skin, how you treat your hair matters. To keep your locks healthy, frizz-free, and beautiful, you’ve got to know which products are good for you as an individual. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to hair. It can seem overwhelming at first, which is why we’ve come up with the ultimate study guide, so when it’s finally time to test it out, you’re well prepared.

And don’t worry, this is an open-notes test!


Speaking of taming your mane, most of us who sport curls have a love-hate relationship with them. But FHI Heat can swing it back to the love side with a few special products. Looking for the best straightener for curly hair? First, try our Titanium Pro Styler. We love the elegance of this rose gold edition, which adds a touch of beauty to the everyday. With the pro styler, the titanium plates are infused with magnesium which allows them to heat up more quickly. The moisture-locking negative ions keep your hair healthy and hydrated. This is best for thick and stubborn hair types and will help you create beautiful styles.

Along with your Pro Styler, make sure you use the right product for the job. This Sheer Remedy combines the power of silk proteins and amino acids to help you style your curly hair and prevent frizz. You can use it on wet or dry hair, and this will provide flexibility and shine to your locks as it strengthens. 

Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, our Signature Pro Styler is perfect for you. The three layers of baked ceramic plates are infused with tourmaline, and you can create a plethora of styles without frizz or worry. Some tools leave fine hair lifeless, but you can create the look you want with our adjustable temperature settings.

Along with our fantastic flat iron, use our Root Lift Spray. This will add some volume to your fine hair without stickiness or flaking. You can use it on the roots alone or throughout all of your hair to build volume.


Especially in the summer, frizz can be challenging to deal with. But our Platform Blowout Brush features plasma ionic technology that reduces frizz and leaves your hair soft and manageable. It’s been called the best blowout brush by tons of customers. Why? Well, with this 4-in-1 tool, you can dry, volumize, smooth, and curl your hair, all with our ergonomically designed tool to minimize arm pain as you style.

Combine our 4-in-1 Blowout Brush with our Satin Finish Conditioning Treatment for a perfect 1-2 punch. This treatment has a residue-free formula that will not only protect your hair from thermal tools, but will also repair damage that has been caused by the heat you use to style.


Pro Heated Brush - Best for color treated hair

Our Stylus Pro Heated Brush is so versatile with its gentle nylon bristles that uses tourmaline technology to lock in moisture and protect you from frizz, especially with your color-treated hair. This product can curl, flip, smooth, or volumize, all with the flick of your wrist!

The best thing you can do for your color-treated hair is use Neo’Bond, which is a 3 step professional program in your salon. The Bio Shield Technology is used while you get your hair color-treated, and it creates new bonds in your hair and solidifies the ones you have. Since our special formula can penetrate so deeply, it helps your hair to be more elastic and strong. The first step replicates, the second step fortifies, and the third step that you do at home will continue to protect your hair long after you leave the salon.

Dry Hair

Prep & Prime / 2000 Dryer - Best for dryer hair

There are a few tips for dry hair, and the first is to use the 2000 Salon Pro Hair Dryer, which reduces your drying time by 50%. The less time you spend with heat tools on your hair, the better. It also features moisture-locking negative ions that will lock in moisture for your hair and reduce the static and frizz that often accompanies dry hair.

The Protective Prep and Primer is a leave-in detangler and moisturizer that works with your hair’s natural moisture and balance to lock it in. This will also protect your hair from breakage and brittleness, especially with all of the extra summer environmental hazards like chlorine, sun, and saltwater.

Straight Hair

Straighten to Curl w/ the Bounce Curler - Best for straight hair

Our Bounce Pro Curler will add life to your straight hair. With 3 layers of baked ceramic infused with tourmaline, negative ions will lock in moisture, get rid of humidity, and reduce static. Although many people often struggle to make curls with straight hair, this will create long-lasting curls, especially when used with Pump it Up Express.

Pump it Up Express is a dynamic product that will create fullness in your hair. Although the serum itself is lightweight, it will make your hair appear fuller and more voluminous and keep your curls in place.


Gabrielle Hartman
Gabrielle Hartman

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