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How To Create A Healthy Hair Routine

by Gabrielle Hartman September 27, 2021 4 min read

How To Create A Healthy Hair Routine

For most, a head full of thick, long, luxurious hair is at the top of the wish list. Whether creating the look for business or pleasure, there is just something about a silky head of hair that makes a woman feel more confident and put together. But gorgeous hair doesn’t happen by accident. Create a healthy hair routine so that your luxurious locks will shine in any circumstance. FHI Heat knows just how to achieve hair that is silky, smooth, and vibrant, so read on for a few tips from the experts.

Keep Hair Clean

There is so much debate about how often to wash your hair, but the expert trichologists at Philip Kingsley recommend daily shampooing, no matter what your hair type. During a typical day, dust, dirt, and oil take hold and can seriously weigh your hair down, which will wreak havoc with the look you are trying to achieve.  Using your favorite shampoo, lather for 30 seconds while carefully kneading your scalp. Rinse your hair and repeat the process. Finish with a moisturizing conditioner.

Minimize Traction

Even the strongest hair is not going to last if you subject it to pulling or brutality day in and day out. Actions as seemingly innocuous as brushing it, playing with it, or putting it in a ponytail can cause damage to your delicate hair follicles. In fact, excess brushing “stretches the hair and breaks weak ends,” says Holly Ivey, master stylist at Alibi Soho Salon. Of course, you need to brush your hair but do so only once a day, with something like the UNbrush (healthy and doesn’t tug) to maintain the integrity of your follicles.

As for ponytails, they are definitely an easy go-to fix for a busy woman, but every time you pull your hair back you are risking breakage. This includes using clips or barrettes as well. To keep your hair at its healthiest, minimize traction by avoiding the excessive use of ponytails or clips in your hair.

Finally, keep your hands away from your hair. Even absentmindedly pulling on it can cause problems. Every time you tug, you are causing traction that is breaking down your hair follicles, so try to leave it alone as much as possible.

Make Heat Safer

When it comes to your hair, there is nothing more extravagant than a beautiful blow-out. But all those blowouts can add up to some damage when it comes to brittle, dry hair. Before you turn on your favorite hairdryer, make sure to use Fresh Start Protective Prep and Primer. This lightweight detangler is perfect to leave in and will protect your hair from heat.  And speaking of hair dryers, if you use the Platform Blowout Brush, you will be getting 4 tools in one, thereby minimizing the damaging heat that several tools would create. With its plasma ionic technology that purifies the air and its powerful professional-grade motor, you will spend less time drying your hair, thereby doing less damage as you create the perfect blowout.

Eat Healthy

Eating a well-balanced diet is more important than you think for the growth of your hair. Behind your intestinal cells, your hair cells are the fastest-growing cells in your body. And because your hair is not a major organ in your body, your body does not prioritize its growth, and diet problems often show up first in damaged-looking hair. Make sure to drink plenty of water every day, and understand that healthy snacks are imperative throughout the day. Finally, your hair craves protein, so make sure you give it a substantial dose at each meal.

Bond With Neo'Bond

Your hair is fragile. Although you want hair to do everything you ask of it as far as styling is concerned, at the end of the day, there are limits to what your follicles can handle. But we have you covered with a three-tier program called Neo’Bond. This professional hair treatment system helps strengthen bonds in your hair follicles that already exist, and also creates new bonds with its amino acid blends and antioxidants. Whenever you get your hair color-treated, insist on this nourishing system, as steps one and two are used in the salon as you get your hair done. The third step of the treatment is for your use at home and will keep your hair nourished and moisturized after your color treatment.

Deep Condition Each Week

Taking care of your hair is something you need to think about daily, but once a week you should plan on doing a deep conditioning treatment.  Satin Finish Conditioning Treatment is the perfect product for the job, with its silk protein and hydrolyzed silk which penetrate into the cortex of your hair. This weightless formula can repair damaged hair and be sued on both wet and dry hair.

Embrace The Natural

No matter how careful you are with your hair, the constant barrage of heat, products, color, and brushing can eventually take a toll on your locks. As you go throughout your week, make it a point to keep your hair as natural as possible some days. Try to steer clear from heat, excessive brushing, ponytails, and playing with your hair once or twice a week to give it a real break. This “natural” time will help your hair to heal. 

Like anything else, you get out of your hair what you put into it. With a healthy hair routine in place, you will be able to create shiny, manageable, silky hair that will look great both on the go or at home.

Gabrielle Hartman
Gabrielle Hartman

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