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FHI Heat Platform Blowout Brush

by FHI Heat July 13, 2021 3 min read

FHI Heat Platform Blowout Brush

FHI Heat has created a tool that makes creating the perfect blowout easier than ever before! Introducing the FHI Heat Platform Blowout Brush!

FHI Heat prides itself on using only the best, most advanced technology when crafting hair tools, and we’ve literally taken things to new heights with this professional-grade blowout brush. It’s one of the first of its kind to utilize plasma ionic technology to create a faster, smoother blowout!

What is this FHI Heat Platform Blowout Brush?

The FHI Heat Platform Blowout Brush is a 4-in-1 tool that dries, volumizes, smooths and curls. You don’t need to balance holding a comb, round brush, and dryer in your hands as this tool takes care of everything! This drastically cuts drying time and gives you the ability to add volume, plush curl, or silky smoothness.

The oval-shaped barrel and curved edges combine with the soft, ergonomically curved handle for comfort and ease. At the same time, the 360-degree airflow and the professional-grade motor unleash the latest plasma ionic technology, leaving you with stunning style in a fraction of the time.


What is plasma ionic technology?

Plasma ionic technology purifies the air, eliminating static and frizz to deliver smooth hydrated results. The FHI Heat Platform Blowout Brush works to release millions of negative ions which dissolve the particles of water, giving you a faster professional blowout, and leaving your hair elegant, shiny, and smooth. Plasma ionic technology additionally eliminates microscopic pollutants that most filters can’t confine, making it possible to dry your hair with fresh, clean air. 

What does the FHI Heat Platform Blowout Brush do?

This is a 4-in-1 tool. It dries, styles, eliminates frizz, and delivers volume. Shiny, beautiful blowouts are available to you every day, at the push of the button (or a twist of the handle).

How To Use the Blowout brush 

A slick small design makes it easy for you to manipulate. To make the most of the ergonomic design, simply towel dry wet hair, brush out any tangles, and then section hair. Starting at the crown, rotate the brush through each section and dry the section completely as many times as necessary. There are three heat settings for different hair types. Always use the lowest possible setting to protect your hair. The plasma ionic technology will ensure you will enjoy a faster, frizz-free blowout.


What makes it Unique?

The Technology: All of our FHI tools and products are known for the cutting-edge science behind them, and the Platform Blowout Brush is no exception. From our ergonomic handle to our plasma ionic technology, each part of the FHI Heat Platform Blowout Brush is first-rate. 


The Size:The FHI Heat Platform Blowout Brush is lighter, smaller, and sleeker than other designs and will give you the classy blowout look in less time and with less hassle. With its lightweight and refined design, FHI Heat has created a stellar product that is as posh as it is powerful. The FHI Heat Platform Blowout Brushis also the perfect size for storing and carrying if you need to take your show on the road. With a more lightweight brush, you will get more precision and more control, leading you to a more fabulous blowout, all without sore arms!


Professional Tips for Professional Blowouts at your Fingertips

Understanding hair type and temperature setting: In general, the thinner your hair, the lower the heat setting should be used. Our brush will not tug or tangle fine hair. Start with the low setting if you have very fine hair, and work your way up from there. If you have a medium mane, use the medium heat settings. If your hair is thick or coarse, the high heat setting will get you a salon blowout at home.

For a full volume blowout: Move the brush carefully outward from the crown to the ends of your hair. Beginning with the brush at the crown will offer you maximum height and volume, and pulling the brush smoothly through the ends will offer a chic and sleek look. 

For a sleek and silky blowout: Move from the roots to the ends and slowly rotate the brush to create the silky, sophisticated look you crave. Pairing the FHI Heat Platform Blowout Brush with Stylus Products will create an even more defined look.






FHI Heat
FHI Heat

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