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Your Summer Hairstyle Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Gabrielle Hartman Collaborator May 29, 2020 5 min read

Your Summer Hairstyle Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What’s your sign? We’ve broken down some of the best summer hairstyles by the signs that they match. Are you edgy like a Scorpio, or full of summer romance like a Pisces? Check out our list to find out which look works best for you based on your Zodiac sign! Do you agree with what the stars have to say about your style in the sun? 


Aries: Powerful Ponytail

Sheesh… Look at that power! As an Aries, you are passionate but always in control, which is why a powerful ponytail is your go-to summer hairstyle. It’s perfect for you because you are also soactive, so whether you’re busting out a morning yoga routine or putting on something swanky, your positively powerful energy will always shine through with this look. And, keep it straight with a flat iron, so that everyone knows you mean business (not that you’d ever give them a chance to forget!).


Taurus: Beachy Beauty

As a Taurus, you are a bit of a paradox. While you are a practical person, you are also an extremely luxurious person who has a huge affinity for beauty. Beachy waves suit you because while they are luscious and gorgeous, they are also very practical for summer activities. But for you, those activities are likely limited to sunbathing. We know how much you value relaxation and enjoy a good time. With beachy waves, you’ll be able to kick it in the sand till sundown, and head in for a glass of rosé with a summer fling when the stars come out. To achieve this effortless Taurus look, we suggest using a diffuser as you blow-dry!


Gemini: Seeing Double

Geminis love summertime. Not only does Gemini season pass in the summer, but it’s also a time to let loose and have fun, which Geminis love to do! Because you are the twin, the look that fits you best is going to be one that includes a set. Double space buns are fun, and appeal to your very creative artistic side. Not to mention, keeping your hair out of the way allows you to do all of the adventurous summer activities you crave. If you’re true to your wild Gemini ways, make sure to spray your buns with extra-hold hairspray so that you don’t miss a beat!


Cancer: Summer Sweetie

Cancers are the sweethearts of the bunch. You guys are caring, sensitive, and just want to be cuddled. To match your cute personality, you need a look that’s as sweet as it is sexy. That’s why we’d suggest an awesome blowout to go with your summer look. Not only does it make your hair look soft and supple, like your aura, but it also is perfect for a water sign in that it’s very flowy. Add some depth and volume to your gorgeous water sign blowout by using Express Blow Out Serum.


Leo: The Lioness

This fire sign is represented by a lioness, which is why you need a mane! Big, bouncy ringlet girls are fierce and captivating enough to keep up with you. As the most confident and charismatic sign, you need a look that doesn’t fall behind. Plus, we know you’re going to want to take some great shots for your Instagram fans, and this look doesn’t disappoint. To create this photogenic style, you’re going to want to make sure you’ve got a curler with a thinner barrel. We know you can’t help but prance around and have a great time, so make sure to spray your ringlets with some hairspray.


Virgo: Practically Posh

Because you are the most reliable sign, you need a hairstyle that never fails. This quintessential summer bun doesn’t sit too high or too low, making it practical and subtle enough for your Virgo energy. We’re going to celebrate a Virgo’s stubborn side by insisting that you bobby pin this bun in place so it doesn’t fall out of line. You’re a perfectionist and we can appreciate that! Summer might be a time for relaxation, but to you, it’s a time for self-improvement or a new project. This bun will carry you from a workout to a beach session with no trouble.


Libra: Balanced Braids

As queen of diplomacy, we know you need a hairstyle that evokes balance and serenity. That’s why we thought of French braids for your summer style. Not to mention, you’re the best listener of the signs, so why not accentuate your finest features? We know you’re not going to go for a hairstyle that requires a ton of effort, because you’d rather be out socializing with your friends, so luckily this one is pretty easy! If you can’t French braid, regular braids that begin behind your ear also work. It’s a look that’s calm, collected, and cheerful... just like you!


Scorpio: Mysterious and Sleek

Some of the things we love most about Scorpios is how mysterious and fearless they are, which is just the type of attitude that this edgy version of a half-up bun creates. What really takes it to a new level is the straightened tendrils that frame your face. It’s both parts intriguing and perplexing. And, considering you’re the most sensual sign, it’s also appropriately sexy. We definitely suggest using a flat iron to give it that sharpened touch.


Sagittarius: Braided Wanderlust

Your love for adventure is so complete that we knew you’d need a brave style that was intricate, but felt effortless. For this look, you’ll want to part your hair. Grab a large chunk from the side with less hair, and braid it. For a spark of intrigue, you can sporadically add smaller braids to the side with more hair. It’s a look that caters to your indisputable sense of wanderlust, as if it’s got stories to tell. We know you value your independence above anything else, so play with the amount of braids you throw into your hair! It’s totally up to you.


Capricorn: Controlled Chic

Discipline and practicality are your driving forces in life, so a simple sleek look is what caters best to your go-getter attitude. Part your hair in the middle and dry it with a downward motion with your dryer to perfect this sexy straight style. If you need to, you can also add some shine mist to give it a glow and use a flat iron on stubborn pieces. With this clean style, you’ll feel ready to conquer the world, which we all know you can. That’s what makes you a Capricorn!


Aquarius: Anything But Average

Aquarius signs love anything with a twist, which is why this 80s-style summer ponytail suits your personality so well. If quirky and beautiful got together to have a love child, you’d be it. You still appreciate the finer things in life, but enjoy a dash of weirdness because you love to go against the mainstream. And the 80s? They were anything but average. For this look, we suggest grabbing a scrunchie and tossing your hair up. Smooth back flyaways from your crown with a touch of styling gel. Then, add voluminous curls to your pony with a large-barrel curler!


Pisces: Perfectly Romantic

For a bunch as creative as you, we knew you’d need a little something extra. You are definitely the dreamiest, most romantic sign. That’s why a Midsummer’s Dream look with flowers is so fitting. To achieve this mystical glam, you’re going to need to tease your hair a bit. Then, grab some flowers with shorter stems and stick them into your locks. You can spray them in place with a spritz of light hairspray as well!

Gabrielle Hartman Collaborator
Gabrielle Hartman Collaborator

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