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Winter Hair Colors You'll Want This Holiday

by FHI Heat January 03, 2022 3 min read

Winter Hair Colors You'll Want This Holiday

When the air turns cold and the world turns darker and greyer, odds are that you are searching for color to help you keep on the bright side of life. Holiday lights and decorations offer some light, but you should also consider winter hair colors to add some brightness to your look this holiday season. FHI Heat understands the latest trends in holiday hair colors and has some advice for styling tools and products, as well. Read on to see if one of these looks is on your wish list and if you think it will get you a second glance under the mistletoe.

Cinnamon Spice

During the holidays, nothing warms your heart and palate like the taste of cinnamon. And this can warm up your hair color palate as well. Colors in the brown family are known for their warmth, and if you are looking to change up your hair, this is a perfect choice. A chestnut brown base color accented with lighter cinnamon-toned highlights is perfect to add warmth to your holidays. And if the highlights are applied like occasional brushstrokes, they will look uncomplicated and fun.

Adding curls to your hair will further accent the warmth of the highlights. We suggest the Ti Luster Titanium Pro Curler, whose titanium barrel is infused with magnesium to heat up fast, curl your hair fast, and let the cinnamon highlights play through your hair. It also has 20% more barrel space, allowing for a faster curl.

Silver and Gold

Holidays are a time for excess and bling, and if you can’t decide if you are a silver girl or gold girl, why not try for both in your hair? Start with an all-over shade of light golden blonde, and then highlight your look with silver streaks. Now more than ever, everyone will think that YOU are the present.

And if your hair is the color of holiday bling, then treat it to the best in hair tools, The Polisher. This paddle brush blow dryer will polish your hair as it dries and styles, leaving you with frizz-free, holiday-ready hair. This is perfect for your royal colors, and shining bright at a holiday party.

Sugar Plum

If you want to look chic this holiday season, think about warm dark hues. Start with your hair as dark as it can be on a winter’s night, almost blue-black. Supplement that depth with the accent of plum to pull the warmth of the season into your hairstyle; this dark burgundy will stand out from the crowd at this special time of year, and you will too!

Peppermint Blonde

If you are looking for something softer during the season of ice and lights, this blond/white hue goes perfectly with cool skin tones. With a warmer blond on top layering to the ice pearl white accents toward the bottom, this is the perfect ice white for the holidays.

To prep your iced peppermint blond for a holiday occasion, start with our 1900 Nano Lite Pro Chrome Hair Dryer, whose tourmaline ceramic will cut your drying time by 50%, and will leave you with a soft, supple shine. Make sure to protect your hair with our Fresh Start Protective Prep and Primer so that you will have healthy and hydrated hair all winter long.

Don’t Avoid the Blues

If your brunette head of hair needs a pop for the holidays, try shades of smoky blue, aubergine, and other brighter blue shades to highlight your face. The trick to this look is to layer all the colors, which will give you a depth of color that is perfect for the winter blues.

Make sure to use our Liquid Satin Treatment, which will protect and restore dull hair, and make sure your holiday colors are as sharp and crisp as can be. This luxurious, moisturizing treatment will highlight any color you choose this season.

Spring Ahead

Finally, if you are already tired of the winter views, spring ahead with this cheery strawberry blond. You will be sure to cheer up even the most grumpy Scrooge with this bright color. We suggest an ash rosewood color at the roots blending easily into the warm strawberry blond. If you want to turn heads under the mistletoe this year, this is sure to do it!

Satin Finish Conditioning Treatment contains silk proteins and hydrolyzed silk that repair hair and keep it shiny and supple. Resiliency is the name of the game for this bright hue, and the conditioning treatment will leave it playful and touchable.

If you want the perfect gift at the holidays, get your hair colored in one of these celebration colors. From bright white to silver to deep azure, and everything in between, FHI Heat is ready to help you keep your colors vibrant so all will be merry and bright this holiday season.

FHI Heat
FHI Heat

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