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Undone Tousled Hair Perfection by FHI Heat Artistic Director Sean James

February 04, 2019 2 min read

Undone Tousled Hair Perfection by FHI Heat Artistic Director Sean James


Perfectly unperfect hair perfection was created by FHI Heat Artistic Director, Sean James, at the Bibhu Mohapatra A/W 2018 Runway Show during NYFW.

Yes, the “Undone” tousled look has been featured all over social media for quite some time now and no, it doesn’t look like it’s going to go any where any time soon (which we’re obviously completely all for!), but when mixed with high fashion, it instantly enters into the upper echelon of ultimate cool girl hair territory.



– UNbrush
– Stylus Blow Out Ceramic Boar Round Brush (depending on length, use 1″ or  1.5″ medium)
– Stylus High Altitude Root Lifting Spray
– 1” FHI Heat Platform Ceramic Barrel Curling Iron
– FHI Heat Platform Nano Salon Pro 2000 Hair Dryer
– Stylus Stay Put Mega Hold Hair Spray


Step 1.
Begin by creating a nice base to start with. Brush hair thoroughly with UNbrush to untangle any knots.

Step 2.
Split hair down the center from nose to nape and spray roots with High Altitude.

Step 3.  
Use the Platform 2000 Blow Dryer and Round Brush (1″ for short/medium hair, 1.5″ for long hair), section hair and smooth out hair cuticles while adding some lift at the roots.

Step 4.
Split hair in to two halves, top and bottom, and pin top section on top of head.

Step 5.
Taking 2 inch sections at a time, wind hair around the 1” Barrel Curling Iron from root to tip, leaving it wrapped on the barrel long enough to make a bend not a curl.

Step 6.
Repeat winding technique on top half of hair in vertical sections away from face, leaving approximately 1″ of the tip straight.

Step 7.
Gently mist Stay Put Mega Hold Hair Spray. Shake hair out and leave tousled.


VIOLA! All done.


PRO TIP: Create intricate shapes using bobby pins to accent your mega cool girl vibes.



Images courtesy of FHI Heat & Gonzalo Marroquin W. for Patrick McMullan Company.


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