The Ultimate Flat Iron Temperature Guide

May 14, 2019 2 min read

The Ultimate Flat Iron Temperature Guide

Do you know the optimal temperature range you should be using to not only style your hair, but to protect your hair from unnecessary damage?

Different hair types call for different temperatures on your flat iron or curling iron to ensure your tresses can withstand daily use.

While your stylist may crank up the flat iron temperature to achieve fast results when styling many clients throughout the day, their temperature choice may not be the best for day-to-day styling.

Here is the ultimate flat iron temperature guide to aide your heat styling regimen starting at the top of the heat spectrum.

410°F - 450°F

FHI’s collection of styling irons and curlers heat up to 450°F, perfect for very thick and stubborn hair that requires extra time and attention when smoothing. If you feel like heat styling tools rarely make a difference when doing your (or your client’s hair), look for a line that has a higher temperature range.

370°F - 410°F

For coarse or textured hair, start by setting your iron to 370°F and work up in temperature until you achieve desired results. Ensuring you have a qualityhair dryer and brushes will help set the foundation of your look prior to heat styling with a flat iron or curler.FHI’s Platform Titanium tools transfer heat to the hair faster, best for coarse and very thick hair types.

350°F - 370°F

If you have naturally wavy hair, stay within the 350°F - 370°F window for daily use to keep hair healthy. Using a flat iron withmoisture-locking negative ions will help smooth hair and create a frizz-free finish without employing extra heat.

330°F - 350°F

What does normal hair mean? If you find that your strands aren’t too fine, too coarse, wavy, or thick - you fall into this category. This is the baseline of hair types and typically suggests that your hair responds well to heat without needing higher temps.

250°F - 300°F

Wondering about the best flat iron temp for fine hair? Fragile & fine hair shouldn’t require as much heat to achieve a style and it’s recommended to start at the lowest temperature to see what works and to avoid further damage. Usingthermal protectant hair care is a non-negotiable when operating on fragile tresses.

< 160°F

Synthetic hair is extremely fragile and shouldn’t be exposed to temperatures above 160°F. Take extra caution and start on the lowest end of your styling iron’s temperature range before working your way up.FHI’s Platform Signature tourmaline ceramic irons start at 140°F making them a great choice for synthetic strands.

Things To Keep In Mind

If you feel like you are in between hair types, start with the lowest amount of heat necessary to create your style and increase when necessary.

As always, we recommend using thermal protectant hair products on damp hair before applying any heat from a blow dryer or other hot tool.

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