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The Best Hair Tools According to Award-Winning Stylists

by FHI Heat April 13, 2021 5 min read

The Best Hair Tools According to Award-Winning Stylists

With so many hair tools available on the market, it’s hard to decide which ones are actually pro-approved. What are the celebrity stylists using to create those looks that make our jaws drop? Which tools are worth spending money on?

Stylists have their hands on the best tools on a daily basis, so we took the time to ask some of our favorite award-winning stylists and hair experts which tools they can’t live without. 

When it comes to making an investment in your hair, take your advice from an expert! Read on to find out what these professional stylists have to say about their go-to hair tools when creating gorgeous looks! 


Katie Umlor

Award-Winning Hair Stylist, Beauty Director, Film Hair Stylist, and FHI Heat Educator

“I have been interested in Styling hair since a young age and have always found joy in making people feel beautiful. Being a complete stylist only comes with having great tools and FHI tools have been my favorite for years.” - Katie Umlor

Katie, what is your favorite hair tool from the FHI Heat collection and why?

“For a killer blowout, I love using the perfectly engineered Platform Blow Out Handle-less Hair Dryer. It’s super compact and lightweight which is perfect for me being a stylist on the go. It combines the nozzle and handle in one for perfect ease and control so blowouts are done faster. To finish and style I love love love my Platform Titanium Luster 1” Pro Curler. Most of my clients have very thick hair that does not hold curls well, but this curler is infused with magnesium so it heats up quickly and transfers heat to hair faster for a smooth and silky result!”


What upcoming trends do you expect for spring?

“While working in the fashion and film industry, I am very lucky to see any upcoming hair trends. Styles that may never get old are high ponytails and beach waves. But recently I’ve noticed many people embracing their natural curl or going for the big chop and getting a beautiful blunt or layered bob. I myself am wanting to embrace my natural texture in a layered bob!”

Demi Davis

Hair Educator and FHI Heat Brand Ambassador

“I have been with FHI Heat for the last 10 years, specializing in innovative professional hair care tools for thermal styling. FHI Heat offers a full range of hair care tools to meet the demands of the ever-changing hair industry with modern and sophisticated technology. When the management team at FHI reached out about what my favorite tool is, it was super difficult to choose just one tool as my all-time favorite!” - Demi Davis

Demi, of all the FHI Heat tools, which is your favorite?

My Go-To Basic Beauty Kit - which I consider the perfect trio to create just about any style, look, or transformation from start to a beautiful glamorous finish!  [It] consists of the 1⁄2 inch Platform Signature Pro Styler,the 1” Platform Plus Curve Pro Styler,and the Elite Pro Series Global Universal Digital Hair Dryer. 

I personally specialize in the health of the hair, highly textured, coarse, or naturally curly hair, and shortcuts. The slim design of the 1⁄2-inch and 1-inch Platform Curve with the beveled edge are so versatile with every length to create any style from pin-curls to pin-straight, sleek styles, to spiky tousled hair with volume, beach wavy texture to wispy, fringe bangs can all be created with just a flick of the wrist or a twist of the tool!

However, to start the beautification process, it always begins with my favorite blow dryer in the collection of FHI Heat dryers. I simply adore the digital technology of the Elite Pro Series Global Dryer.  It is lightweight with powerful heat and technology that significantly reduces drying time. Its unique features have me locked in for life! The universal voltage is a great addition for travel. The lock-on attachments are key for me as well. I utilize my comb and concentrator attachment the most because it creates efficiency when dealing with highly textured hair, but there is also a diffuser included as well to create volume and texture for limp or fine textures.  These attachments are included with all blow dryers created by FHI Heat. With FHI Heat being the perfect hair tool for every hairstyle is what makes it so difficult to choose just one favorite!

Which hair trends are we seeing this Spring?

My FAVE trending style right now is the comeback of “the mullet” and the classic beauty of “the pixie” that never fades, but I think it is making a return this spring and collabing with “the mullet” to give it a modern-day spicy edge and flair! It has given me inspiration to create another trio, a cut collaboration this time; add a pinch of spice by creating a” pixie/mullet mohawk”.  This is ‘the look’ that my clients have been requesting lately as well as the chin-length sleek blunt bob with a middle part… I love a diverse hairstyle or haircut that you can wear funky and spiky with volume or toned down and worn sleek and flat as a pageboy. Once again, I cannot just pick one favorite, however, I know I can create either look with my FHI Heat “go-to basic beauty kit”.

Bryant Mathis

Artist, stylist, and hair color expert

Bryant, what is your favorite tool of the FHI Heat collection and why? 

The 1¾ -inch Platform Styling Iron is by far my favorite!. I do a lot of long hair and it helps to speed up the flat iron process.  And there’s something about the extra-wide plate the way the hair looks at the end makes me love it even more!”

Which hair trends are we seeing this Spring? 

“Warmth is coming back to hair color. I am seeing a lot of my clients coming in wanting to be a warm blonde or a warm chocolate color. I love a good warm blonde.”


Timothy Deleon

Salon owner and master stylist

Timothy, as a salon owner and hairstylist, which FHI Heat tools could you not live without?

“My all-time favorite tool that I just could not imagine living without would have to be our Platform 2000 Blowdryer! This bad boy has anything and everything I could ever ask for in a dryer. High airflow, multiple heat and airflow settings for power drying, round brush blowouts, and my favorite feature of all time is the ice-cold cool shot button that not only switches the air to cold immediately which is great for setting curls, but it also locks in place that way I can set a whole head at once without having to hold it down! This lightweight beast of a blowdryer is for sure my #1 tool I could not go without behind the chair.

Any predictions for what clients will be asking for this spring?

Spring 2021 is definitely one for the look books, as we are emerging from our #2020quarantine, I’m loving what I’m seeing. I’m guessing with all the time we spent at home in 2020, all my lovely ladies have had time to catch up and practice all those YouTube tutorials on how to create loose beach waves and effortless curls.  And I am loving it! #Spring2021 will definitely be the year of boho buns, messy updos, and all things texture! And with so many weddings delayed from last year, there is never a better time than NOW to put these looks to use.


FHI Heat
FHI Heat

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