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Spring Tips: Protect Your Hair from Humidity

by Gabrielle Hartman May 10, 2022 4 min read

Spring Tips: Protect Your Hair from Humidity

As everyone with some body or curl in their hair knows, April showers bring May humidity, and if you don’t want your hair to be a frizzy, fly-away mess, you need to tame your mane and protect it from the forces of nature. Fortunately, FHI Heat has you covered with tools and products that will do the hard work for you. But interestingly, there are also some home remedies you can do right in your own home that will moisturize and smooth out your hair.

Shampoo More Infrequently

Although it certainly seems counterintuitive that to keep your hair healthier you would actually wash it LESS frequently, this is absolutely true. Your body creates natural oils in your scalp that keep your hair moisturized and supple, but if you wash with shampoo every day, you are stripping your hair of its natural protection.

Wash your hair just a few times a week, and you can experiment to see which schedule works right with your particular hairstyle. If you feel like it looks greasy between washings, you can also supplement with dry shampoo.

Use Water Wisely

The temperature of the water you use while washing your hair can also have an effect on the health of your hair. Warm water will eradicate built-up oil and dirt, so start with that. Lukewarm water is best for shampooing and rinsing, as well as conditioning. Finally, cold water is perfect to rinse your hair, seal in moisture, and hydrate your scalp. Taking the time to think about water temperature will help your hair in the long run.

Condition With At-Home Masks

The road to healthy, hydrated hair travels through your pantry. There are a surprising number of ingredients that you can use to condition your hair, without even heading out to a salon. Coconut oil has long been touted for hair and skin and can keep your hair from losing protein. Start with a tiny amount to avoid creating a buildup, and massage the oil through your hair. Another quick home treatment is an egg yolk and olive mask, which will work to reduce the frizz. After letting it sit for 30 minutes, wash it off with lukewarm water. If you have damaged, split ends, surprisingly beer will help the follicles to repair. Both the protein and the sugar in the beer work together to do this. After shampooing, apply the beer and leave it on for 2-3 minutes.

Professional Conditioners

To supplement your home remedies, and take it to a more professional level, we recommend several FHI Heat products to keep your hair moisturized and supple. Try our Satin Finish Conditioning Treatment, which is a silk protein and hydrolyzed silk residue-free conditioning treatment that will repair and protect your hair from heat and environmental damage. If you need something to tame frizz, reduce flyaways, and condition your hair, try our Satin Finish.

Another moisturizing product is our Sheer Remedy Liquid Satin Treatment, a specially designed formula that reduces frizz through the power of silk protein. This product will provide smoothness and flexibility

Better Blowouts


Traditionally, heat tools like hair dryers will tend to dry out your hair. But FHI Heat makes it easier for you to keep your hair hydrated with both our products and our tools. Try our Protective Prep and Primer, which sprays on and works as a leave-in conditioner to protect and detangle your hair before blow-drying. By using this non-greasy formula, you will be able to equalize your hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture, ensuring that you are protecting it from breaking and splitting.


Even if you are blow-drying your hair, if you use the right products you will still be able to maintain your healthy hydrated hair. Our 2000 Nano Power Pro Dryer has a high-velocity AC motor that will dry your hair up to 50% faster, therefore reducing time and possible heat damage. Our dynamic HydraHeat technology will seal in moisture, repel humidity, and reduce static and frizz. You can also customize heat and power settings for any hair type.

Style With Some Shine


It might sound strange that you could hydrate your hair with a styling iron, but The Curve Pro Styling Iron can do just that. Our state-of-the-art HydraHeat technology seals in moisture repels humidity and reduces frizz and static. The tourmaline and magnesium-fused ceramic plates lock in moisture, keeping your hair supple and strong.

If you need a curling iron to tame your curly or thick hair, the Ti Luster Titanium Pro Curler is for you. This barrel heats up fast, so your hair gets less time with heat, and our moisture-locking negative ions keep your hair healthy and hydrated. This will help create beautiful curls without drying out your hair.

Get A Trim

Even if you are trying to grow out your hair, one of the best things you can do to keep it healthy is to get regular trims to avoid split ends. Once split ends occur, they can run up the entire hair shaft and damage your hair.

With May flowers come humidity, and if you want to protect your hair from frizz and flyaways, FHI Heat is the perfect solution. In addition to thinking about the way you shampoo your hair and using some remedies from your kitchen, trust FHI Heat to create a frizz-free, moisturized look for your hair.

Gabrielle Hartman
Gabrielle Hartman

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