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July 4th = HUGE Savings!

by Gabrielle Hartman July 02, 2022 4 min read

July 4th = HUGE Savings!

As with most years, summer is flying by, and it is already the Fourth of July weekend! Since summer has gone by in such a flash, it is now time for you to reap the benefits of our 4th of July Sale at FHI Heat! Trust us, we know that it is time to gain independence from your old hair tools, and move on to the state-of-the-art technology only FHI Heat can provide. We have sales in several categories that are sure to give you a burst of happiness, as you style your way to beautiful, hydrated hair. Heat up your summer and your hairstyle by participating in our 4th of July Sale at FHI Heat today!


Styler Collection

If you have been thinking about a new styler to create anything from beach waves to luxurious curls in your hair, you can now receive $25 dollars off of any style in our Styler Collection. The sky’s the limit on the styler you choose. Our Platform Signature Pro Styler 1’  is one of our favorites and features tourmaline ceramic technology with three baked ceramic plates and high-speed heat recovery. Our patented HydraHeat™ technology will seal in vital moisture, reduce frizz in your hair, repel humidity (take THAT summer!), and helps eliminate statics with increased negative ions offering silkier, smoother hair.  We also love the Ti Sleek Titanium Pro Styler in Rose Gold, and if you have thick or stubborn hair this is definitely for you. The titanium plates are infused with magnesium to heat up more quickly and transfer heat faster so your hair is silky and smooth. This features titanium plates infused with magnesium to heat up quicker and transfer heat to the hair faster for smooth, silky results.


Innovator Bundles

If you want to seek independence from your clunky old hair tools, our Innovator Bundles are for you! Each set is a full 30% off this weekend, and this is the perfect time to see how explosive our cutting-edge technology can be.

The Star-Spangled deal is our Pro Trio Set, which is just $360 this weekend! This trio contains our three most star-studded hair tools, our Retro Compact Pro Compact Dryer, The Curve Pro Styling Iron, and The Polisher Pro Air Drying Brush. Your hair will never stop celebrating if you have this trio on hand! If you love nostalgia, but also crave technology, the Retro is for you! With its powerful lightweight DC motor that allows for six different heat and speed combinations, our sleek handle and compact design are as stylish as they are easy to use. Our HydraHeat™ Technology is number one for sealing in moisture, and repelling the humidity and frizz that creep in during the summer months.

Our Curve and Polisher Duo Set is priced at only $260 this weekend and contains the ultimate in new technology. The Curve Pro Styling Iron and The Polisher Pro Air Drying Brush. This set features the Polisher, a combination paddle brush, and blow dryer that fits in the palm of your hand and offers both powerful airflow and heated plates to smooth your finish. Our Plasma Ionic Technology releases increased negative ions to lock in moisture and seal the cuticle, and our HydraHeat™ technology tells humidity and frizz to take a hike.

The Retro and Curve Duo Set is on sale for $250, and features our Retro Compact Pro Compact Dryer, as well as  The Curve Pro Styling Iron. This set features The Curve, which will smooth, curl, or wave your hair in less time than a traditional iron! Again, our HydraHeat™ technology sweeps in to save you from the heat and humidity of the summer, and our trademark RapidTek™ technology heats up quickly, so you can be out having fun before you know it! Edge to Edge FHI Ceramic Heater provides an even temperature and high-speed heat recovery.

Finally, our Retro Pro Styling Set, priced at $145, offers you our Retro Compact Pro Compact Dryer, along with our UnBrush Detangling Brush- Midnight Brush and Ceramic Boar Brislte Brush 1’. The UnBrush features a vented cushion that reduces blowdry time by 48%, while the patented soft-flex bristles help stop pulling or snagging. Our Ceramic Boar Bristle Brush takes it to the next level with superior nylon and boar bristle blend, which conditions and smooths your hair efficiently as it distributes the scalp’s natural oils. The seamless handle design prevents catching your hair, as the long weighted handle offers balance.


Gift With Purchase: Blowout Kit

As if the above were not enough fireworks of savings, if you spend at least $100, you will receive our Blowout Kit absolutely free! Speaking of free, the blowout kit helps to keep your hair free from heat damage, as you create the perfect look.

We love our Be Protected - Thermal Protecting Foam 7.5oz, which is the perfect product to evenly distribute protection to your hair before a blowout. Use with our Unbrush Detangling Hair Brush - Canyon Red, which frees your hair from tangles. We highly recommend our unique High Altitude - Root Lift Spray 8oz, so your hair stays styled as long as you stay out! And finally, you can finish off any blowout look you create with our Stay Beautiful - Light Hold Dry Hair Spray 10oz..

Now is the time to gain your independence from your old or ineffective hair tools. FHI Heat makes it easy to revamp your hair tool collection with these spectacular sales. Now is the time to take your hair to celebration level!

We also just added new deals to celebrate the 4th weekend. Check out the deals now! 

Gabrielle Hartman
Gabrielle Hartman

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