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Iconic Decade-Inspired Halloween Looks

by Gabrielle Hartman October 27, 2020 3 min read

Iconic Decade-Inspired Halloween Looks

Halloween costume shopping is both parts fun and daunting. Despite so many options, it seems like everything has been done before. The looks that stand the test of time and ironically never feel outdated or overdone are decade-inspired costumes. 

Why does it feel like every decade that predates the 2010s were so inspired, fashionable, and intriguing? Perhaps it's because we spend so much time trying to recreate and emulate the fashion of those times. 

Halloween is the perfect excuse to live out the vintage fantasies of our dreams. And hair is arguably one of the most emblematic representations of each decade. Get ready for the year’s spookiest night of style by reviving a hairstyle from one of these iconic decades. 

‘60s Jackie O

'60s fashion embodied a girly and sexy elegance. We can't help but ogle over the freshly chic energy possessed by '60s icons like Twiggy to Jackie O. When referencing this fab era in fashion, go for sleek tresses with curled ends. No need to wig out. The look is relatively easy to master. To capture polished volume, get your hands on a wide-barrelled curler, volumizer, and hairspray. Be sure to curl your ends inwards when styling your glamorous locks.

‘60s package: Fresh Start Protective Primer, wide-barrelled curler, Full Blown Volumizing Mousse, Stay Styled Finisher


‘70s Diva

The entire notion of the diva began to permeate pop culture around the 1970s. People consider the '70s to also be an important hair moment, with larger-than-life styles and locks that exuded a vibrant sensuality. Groovy and legendary women like Diana Ross oozed power when they graced the stage, and ladies sought to mimic a dreamy Farrah Fawcett blowout. Needless to say, this '70s diva look demands volume and giant waves. To achieve this stellar style, snag a dryer, round brush, blow out serum, and heavy-hold hairspray. Use blow out serum before blowing it dry for a voluminous boost.

‘70s package: Fresh Start Protective Primer, Dryer, Round Brush, Blow Out Serum


‘80s Workout

 Working out in the '80s meant popping in a VHS and busting out group-exercise cardio in your living room. An '80s aerobic junkie was always clad in a classic leotard and brightly colored leg warmers. Panicking about costume shopping during COVID? Take a chill pill! All these items are yours to purchase on Amazon or a local vintage store. As for '80s hair, voluminous ringlets and a headband are crucial. It's ok if your hair isn't naturally curly.  You’ll need a thin-barrelled curler, volumizing mousse, and hairspray to perfect those tubular twists.

‘80s package: Fresh Start Protective Primer, thin-barrelled curler, Full Blown Volumizing Mousse, Stay Finished Finisher


‘90s Grunge

The ‘90s conjure up images of the sweet girl-next-door look topped off with a scrunchie. But if that’s how we defined the ‘90s, we’d be like totally buggin’. There was a grungier side to ‘90s fashion that beloved stars like Courtney Love brought to life. Fringe bangs and a light tease on your blunt bob is the best way to perfect this punk vibe. Start with root lift spray, then dry your locks and tease.

‘90s package: Fresh Start Protective Primer, dryer, Root Lift Spray, Stay Beautiful Finisher


‘00s Heiress

Queens of the early 2000s rocked Juicy velour sweatsuits and used their cute puppers as chic accessories. Going after barbie glam isn’t too challenging, making this one of the most accessible Halloween styles on this list. Sleek and shiny strands are what we are after, which is easily achievable with a fantastic styler and considerably long locks. Before you straighten, protect your hair with a primer and smooth it over with a serum. Afterward, spray your tresses with shine mist to complete your early 2000s glam.

‘00s package: Fresh Start Protective Primer, Sheer Remedy Serum, styler, shine mist

Gabrielle Hartman
Gabrielle Hartman

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