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How To Create These Viral Winter Hair Trends

by Gabrielle Hartman January 09, 2024 3 min read

How To Create These Viral Winter Hair Trends

Speaking of Tiktok, one of our tools is somewhat of a celebrity on the platform. Before embarking on your styling journey, it's crucial to begin withThe UNbrush. This brush isn't just a sensation on TikTok; it's a game-changer in hair care. The UNbrush skillfully untangles even the most stubborn knots painlessly and effortlessly, whether on wet or dry hair. Its unique vented cushion not only helps in detangling but also reduces blow-dry time by 48%, making it an indispensable tool for healthy hair and scalp! It’s alsothe ultimateway to prep your tresses before any style. So make sure to get your hands on an UNbrush before you begin to embark on your style journey! 
Josie Schroder Image

The tools we’ll be chatting through, aside from the UNbrush are The Innovator Dryer, The Curve, The Polisher, and The Waver. Here are their highlights: 

  • The Innovator is your go-tool dryer for volume, shine, and speed! As the lightest, fastest, and most powerful dryer in their lineup, it boasts an ultralight design powered by a Digital BLDC Motor, ensuring a unique and effective drying experience.



  • The Curve (now available in silver) is known for its innovative design. While it’s a flat iron, the curvature of the tool is great for comfort and versatility in styling with it! Use it to curve your ends, add body, or straight up curl it! With ceramic plates infused with tourmaline and magnesium, The Curve locks in moisture, ensuring your hair remains healthy and hydrated.
  • The Polisher Drying Brush is a stellar combination of a paddle brush and blow dryer. It blows dries and polishes your hair simultaneously, equipped with powerful airflow and a heated plate. The Plasma Ionic Technology in The Polisher releases negative ions to lock in moisture and seal the cuticle, ensuring a frizz-free, smooth finish.
  • For those seeking classic waves,The Pro Dual Barrel Waver is your go-to tool. It's designed to create deep, beach, or crimped waves. Just clamp down the wavy plates, and you’re done! 

Here are the trending looks: 

Pamela Anderson Updo

Dallasbalayage Tiktok Video

Emulate her famous bun using The Innovator for drying and The Polisher for smoothing the hair. Once your hair is volumized, go ahead and tease before putting it into a bun, leaving multiple tendrils out. Make sure you have pins to secure the pieces of the bun into place (there are tons of tutorials online as to how ot make this perfect!). Once secure, use The Curve to smooth and add curve to those tendrils for a sexy face frame like Kim K! 

Joining The Wave


The Wave can give you mermaid waves in an instant, depending on how close together you clamp down the strands. And while that’s surprisingly trending for winter this year, using this tool in a different way makes itperfectfor an Old Hollywood look for holiday parties! Clamp your waver down leaving space between each clamp (to create larger waves). Then, use your UNbrush to gently brush them out before applying finisher. This will add volume and glam! 

Tied With A Bow

Lifegivesxwaves Tiktok Video

Bows are coming back in full-swing this season. Yes, you are about to see them everywhere, adding a touch of class to your look. It’s another great way to enhance a holiday party look! If you want a style that’s low maintenance but still glam, opt for the  low curled ponytail secured with a bow. The key is to keep the scalp smooth, but the ends curled. The best tool for this is undoubtedly The Curve as it lets you both straighten and create curls! 

Gabrielle Hartman
Gabrielle Hartman

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