How Much Shedding Is Normal?

by Gabrielle Hartman January 12, 2021 3 min read

How Much Shedding Is Normal?

On any given day, a woman spends a good deal of time on her hair: washing, drying, curling, clipping, brushing, and styling. And nobody wants to see the drain clogged with hair or witness clumps of it in the brush. Our hair is our crown, and it's hard to watch it crumble and fall into the sink. But some amount of shedding (around 15-100 strands per day) is normal.

Why Do We Shed Our Hair?

The life cycle of a person's hair is an intricate process. A typical person has 100,000 hairs on their head. At any given time, between 80-90% of our locks are growing through their life cycle, and the rest are either in resting mode or shedding. The growing process is called the anagen phase, and your hair can grow about a centimeter a month during this phase. The hair stops growing in the catagen phase, and this is about 1-2 percent of your hair. In the telogen phase, your hair is at rest and ready to fall out. With this life cycle in mind, it is perfectly normal to lose around 100 strands of hair a day. That is a tiny percentage of the total amount of hair on your head.

If you go beyond that hair shedding percentage, however, this could be problematic. Experts assert that if you lose more than 125 strands a hair a day, you may have a condition called telogen effluvium. This means that you have excessive hair loss. Although this seems like a terrible problem at first, there are many natural reasons for this condition and many ways to solve it.

Stressful Events That Cause More Hair Loss

Although no one wants to see excessive hair in the shower drain, it happens more than you think. There are several examples of how stress causes hair loss, and it can even be "positive stress."

  • If you have recently given birth or stopped taking birth control pills, the hormonal fluctuations could trigger hair loss.
  • If you are experiencing high stress in your life, this could cause you to lose your hair. If the stress continues, so does the hair loss; as soon as you can get back to a more peaceful state, your hair loss should stop being so dramatic.
  • Overstyling or overdrying your hair can also lead to hair loss. The pulling and tugging can loosen the strands.
  • Vitamin deficiencies can also cause hair loss, especially if you need vitamins B, D, and zinc. These all contribute to your healthy head of hair.
  • Weight loss of 20 pounds or more can stress your body and cause you to lose your hair.

How Do I Reverse Hair Shedding?

For the most part, hair shedding is normal, and when the hormonal changes or life stressors end, your hair growth will get back to normal. There are a few things you can do to ensure healthy hair.

  • Eating a balanced diet and drinking water is fantastic for your tresses. A nutritious meal will give you the vitamins and minerals you need to ensure a healthy head of hair.
  • Consider a supplement to get all of the vitamins that contribute to healthy hair growth, especially Vitamins B and D and Zinc.
  • Try a topical agent for your scalp that promotes healthy hair growth. One great choice is using something like this Sheer Remedy Liquid Satin Treatment to strengthen your hair. With its deep penetration, it not only smooths out hair but also strengthens it.
  • To reduce styling problems caused by pulling and tugging, the Unbrush Detangling Hair Brush will not only keep your hair healthier but it will also reduce your drying time by 48%.
  • Get enough sleep. Sleep is a panacea for many physical and mental woes. Give your body time to grow hair properly.
  • Since much of hair shedding is predicated on stress, take time for yourself to relax, meditate, and find ways to be at peace.

No matter what the cause for hair loss, it can certainly be disconcerting. But for most people, it is a natural process that occurs in order to complete the life cycle of your hair. If you eat well, sleep well, and try to live a stress-free life, even your hair will thank you!

Gabrielle Hartman
Gabrielle Hartman

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