Hottest Hair From The 2021 Grammys

by Gabrielle Hartman March 15, 2021 3 min read

Hottest Hair From The 2021 Grammys

If we could sum up the 2021 Grammys in one word, it would be loud. The looks we saw on the red carpet were extravagant, stunning, and completely Grammy-worthy. Take a look at some of the most jaw-dropping hairstyles from the 2021 Grammys! We’ve also snuck in some great tips so that you can mirror some of these award-winning stars.


Beyoncé broke records last night, becoming the female artist with the most Grammy wins (which is only three away from the all-time record!). A big night calls for big hair. When it comes to volume, Beyoncé never disappoints. Whether she’s belting on the stage or turning heads on the red carpet, she’s constantly schoolin’ life.
The iconic hair look was created by Nakia Rachon.

PRO TIP:Layer Root Lift Spray: High Altitude with Volumizing Mousse before drying and styling Brush out your curls with a tangle-free brush.

Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion stole the show last night with her sassy, moody, and classyhairstyle. Her performance was incredible, but she also created one of the most quotable moments in Grammys history when she said, “What would Beyoncé do… but make it a little ratchet.” I think we all felt that.

PRO TIP:Don’t take any chances. With an updo this heavy, you’ll need both Total Control Styling Gel and Mega Firm Hold Hair Spray to keep this look in-tact.


Doja Cat

We’ve been saying it for a while now, but Doja Cat has made it official: mullets are back. Her sleek mullet worked beautifully with the plunging modern gown. For a first-timer at the Grammys, she sure knows how to make an entrance. To pull off this hairstyle, you’re going to need to actually get a mullet cut or purchase a wig. Either way, we love the straight and chic take Doja Cat has brought to this classic look.

PRO TIP:Use Hair Mist: Shine Express to add a glaze over the locks. The product is light enough to produce mega shine without adding any weight!


Noah Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus noted that Noah Cyrus looked like an angel at the 2021 Grammys. We couldn’t agree more. Miley’s talented little sis was absolutely glowing. However, instead of a halo, the star chose to top her look off with a beautiful topknot and face-framing tendrils.

PRO TIP:Before securing your top knot, tie your locks into a brushed and gelled ponytail.



If you haven’t heard of HER, you’re truly missing out. This beautiful woman is insanely talented. Musically gifted, she can sing and play five instruments. She’s also famous for having a gorgeous head of long luscious hair.

PRO TIP:If your hair is naturally curly, use a diffuser when you dry to add bounce to your curls. This Platform 2000 dryer comes with one!

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is wearing flowers, which means it’s officially spring, right? If there’s anyone who might have the power to dictate the seasons, it’s this icon. It came as no surprise when she won album of the year. She also won us over with her soft bun and delicate fringe bangs.

PRO TIP:For piecey and shapely bangs like Taylors, you will want to have a ceramic boar bristle round brush to style and a touch of light finisher.

Gabrielle Hartman
Gabrielle Hartman

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