Hair that hits the high notes! Celebrity Stylist Sean James' recipes for winning Grammy hairstyles

by Gabrielle Hartman Collaborator January 28, 2020 5 min read

Hair that hits the high notes!  Celebrity Stylist Sean James' recipes for winning Grammy hairstyles

The Grammys, as always, had celebs and their stylists pulling out all the stops for those amazing Red Carpet photos. For some, the night was one of wonder, achievement, and some killer looks. Some artists, such as crowd favorite Billie Eilish, were seen so often throughout the evening appearing on the carpet, performing, or accepting awards.

Despite the madness, the stars managed to keep their styled hair looking flawlessly beautiful. How did they do it? Hairspray and a stylist of course! Our favorite celebrity stylist, Sean James, has deconstructed the best Grammy hairstyles so that you can try them at home! Each one is a stunner and a winner. 


Billie Eilish's Winning Style

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We’ll start with Billie Eilish, who officially stole the 2020 Grammys by winning an unprecedented four Grammys, being the youngest artist to do so in such large categories such as Best New Artist and Record of the Year. Per usual, her look was simply epic. From her green roots to her Gucci glam, she stunned the world yet again.

Her hair (a reverse Ombre in fluorescent green, styled to perfection), of course, tied the look together. It was chic, clean, and complimentary of her outstanding presence. Ready to achieve her look? You better prepare a speech because you’ll be a winner too! 

1. Start with adding mousse to your towel-dried hair.
2. Take a large barrel brush and blow dry your hair, making sure to smooth out each section until the hair is completely dry.
3. Split hair down the middle.
4. Use your Unbrush to brush out any hint of a curl and leave texture in the hair.
5. Use Stay Put Hairspray lightly on your part, to keep it in place.

Dua Lipa's Samurai Knot

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Dua Lipa kicked it up to high gear with her insanely slick Samurai Knot. It’s a powerful look that draws attention to the eyes (an area in which Dua Lipa is incredibly blessed). The look additionally frames the face, adding subliminal slimming contour by shadowing the cheekbones. Dua Lipa has always been a sexy force to be reckoned with, and with these martial arts vibes, she lives up to her reputation! 
1 Tail comb 
1 or 2 Elastic bands

1. Start by putting an elastic band around your writs
2. Section out your fringe bangs and clip them out of the way
3. Add Total Control Gel to the rest of your hair and comb it in gently
4. Pull the gelled hair into a ponytail
5. With the elastic band, secure the tale of the pony, and when you reach the last wrap with your elastic band, create a loop by pulling the ponytail halfway through instead of all the way
6. Fan out the tail of the looped ponytail
7. Release the fringe/bangs and straighten them with your flat iron
8. Make a perfect middle part, splitting your fringe in two
9. Spray the roots and mid area with Stay Put 


Lizzo's 'Stay Beautiful' Grammy Waves

Lizzo has got a huge personality, and she had an even bigger night at the Grammys. Not only did she win her first Grammy ever, but she also performed (and looked amazing doing it). Her look consisted of gorgeous free-flowing waves, which mirrored her vivacious free spirit.

Lizzo is one of those artists who we love to root for due to her grand talent, and she had the style to match (starting from the roots!). This look brings back memories of Old Hollywood and puts a fresh spin on a stunning classic. It’s easy to do at home, so give it a try! 
1 3/4"  FHI Heat curling iron 
1 Blow Dryer 
1 Full Blown hair mousse
Hair Clips

1. Use a golf ball sized dollop of Full Blown and apply to your hair. Start with the roots and spread through to the ends of dry hair
2. Blow dry the mousse into the hair until your strands are smooth
3. Section your hair into pieces that match the size of your curling iron
4. One by one, wind your sections around the iron and transfer the heat to the hair, release the spirals and let them fall into place
5. Make sure to use hairspray on your hair as you are winding each sectioned piece
6. Sweep the hair off to one side and spray all over one last time, for good measure

Camila Cabello's Rocking Edgy Look

Camila Cabello had a big night at the 2020 Grammys this year as well, sharing her heart with the world during two emotional performances. One was a sweet ode to her father, who was also in the audience watching the beauty hit those spectacular notes. Camila is both parts rockstar and sweetheart, which is why we love her so much. Her hair captured her essence by combining some eye framing fringe with her sleek, beautiful locks.

We have to say that, first of all, her cut is everything. She’s got a killer look to begin with, so achieving this style was pretty seamless for her. If you want to match it exactly, you’ll need to have your bangs cut dry. Let them fall between the top eyelash and just below the brow, dropping down as it travels to the corner of the eyes. This look shined with glam and punk. Here’s how you can bring out your edgy and sweet side in your own home!
1 Full Blown  hair mousse
1 Hair Dryer
1 Large barrel brush 

1. Take a golf ball-sized dollop of Full Blown and massage through your dry hair. Start at the roots and finish off at the ends
2. Next, spray your roots with High Altitude
3. Blow dry your hair until it nice and smooth. Use the round brush in combination with the dryer on your bangs to add body and fullness. Lift your bangs vertically to get extra volume that starts at the roots
4. With a 1" titanium curling iron take 1" sections and wind vertically around the head until complete, tip the head upside down and shake out the curl to break it up
5. Take a few drops of Sheer Remedy and glide it through your hair
6. Lightly spray Stay Put to keep hair Red Carpet ready! 
Gabrielle Hartman Collaborator
Gabrielle Hartman Collaborator

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