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Hair Care Tips This Halloween: Do's & Don'ts

by FHI Heat October 18, 2021 3 min read

Hair Care Tips This Halloween: Do's & Don'ts

Whether you are headed to a Halloween party, out trick-or-treating with your kids, or just making sure all the little ghouls and goblins get the treats they are looking for in your neighborhood, you will definitely want your hair to look the part this year. And even though you will probably be singing and dancing to “The Monster Mash,” you really don’t want your hair to look like it got “a jolt from the electrodes.” Here are some imperative do’s and don’ts to create some fun holiday hairstyles without looking like you are part of a science experiment the next morning!


Do Practice The Look Beforehand

Now is the time to decide on your hairstyle for the big night, and to practice achieving the look. Err on the side of “less is more,” with products, heat, coloring, and tight hair bands that could all damage your hair. Try our volumizing mousse to give your hair some volume and keep it where you want it. If you spend a night practicing the look, you will see how much you need to pull it off, and will be set up for success for the big day.

Do Use Heat Protectants

Odds are any look you are going for will call for some heat, to create curls or volume or style. With all the wear and tear your hair will take to get a spooky Halloween look, you will definitely want to protect your hair before you let the hot air goblins after it! Our heat protectant will coat your hair and protect it before you get moving on the styling. This special formula creates an even canvas for you to play, and will retain moisture as you create the creepiest style of your nightmares.

Do use powerful tools to cut your prep time

The tools at FHIHeat are specially designed to do their jobs in a fraction of the time, which cuts the heat exposure for your sensitive hair. The Platform Blowout Brush, therefore, is a great call for Halloween hair because it includes 4 tools in one. The plasma ionic technology also purifies the air as you go, leaving your hair frizz-free and beautifully (or spookily!) dried, volumized, and curled all with one tool. It’s the best blowout brush for doing your hair in a flash. There is no end to the creativity that can be found with the blowout brush in use.

Do Use A Deep Conditioner Or Satin Repair

When you are requiring more of your hair with teasing, heating, and styling, you also need to offer more to your hair while taking care of it. Satin repair is a luxurious liquid satin treatment that penetrates deeply into your hair’s cortex. An alcohol-free product, it builds resiliency and  bounce in your hair.  Our conditioning treatment will help with environmental toxins and thermal damage, penetrating deep into the hair’s core rather than just sitting on top. Whether finishing up your practice run or the real deal, make sure to condition and repair as you go.


Don’t Use Cheap Hair Dye Boxes

Of course, for a fun holiday such as Halloween, it is tempting to want to flaunt a flirtatious or Zombie-esque color to add to your hair to go with your costume. But beware of cheap hair dye. Cheap hair dye will damage your hair, and the worst thing you could do would be to accidentally do something permanent to your hair if you are just trying to have a good time. Consider a spray-on color rather than a dye, and this should give you the fun you crave without being permanent.

Don’t Forget To Keep Up With Your Look During The Night

Once you know what you need to keep your hair looking fresh and fabulous, bring the products required along with you for the night. Whether extra bobby pins or hair spray, you will be ready for anything. If your hairstyle needs attention, the variable hairspray will do just what you want it to. Slip this mini flat iron into your bag on party night to help with any last-minute repairs. You’ll be glad to have a quick fix on the go.

Don’t Ruin Your Hair For One Night Of Fun

No matter which hairstyle you decide to go with for the big night, don’t make any aggressive or permanent changes that will damage your hair long after the “Monster Mash” has ended. Use as little heat and product as necessary, and don’t drastically dye or cut your hair just for one night. Of course, you want to join in the fun, but not at the cost of your hair!

Don’t Sleep On Your New Do


FHI Heat
FHI Heat

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