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by FHI Heat February 24, 2022 4 min read


When it comes to drying your hair, this is a skill that you definitely want to have in your toolbox! Being able to create luxurious locks in the comfort of your own home will end up saving you time and money. But this skill comes with a warning. Research shows that too much heat is bad for your hair, and contributes to making it dry and brittle. Let FHI Heat make things easy on you, with our scientifically-created hair products and dryers. We take the guesswork out of making your hair soft, shiny, and full of life by offering you cutting-edge tools that work beautifully in tandem with our specially formulated Stylus products. 


One of the most important elements for giving yourself a great blowout is to prepare your hair properly. The perfect at-home blowout starts when you are in the shower. Use our 
Satin Finish Conditioning Treatment in the shower to repair and protect your hair from thermal damage. This weightless product penetrates with two parts silk protein and one part hydrolyzed silk to maximize your hair’s strength. Then use a wide-tooth comb in the shower to get rid of any tangles.

Once you are done in the shower, towel dry your hair by patting it, not rubbing, so you are less likely to pull or tear your hair. The other option is to just let it air dry. After you have gotten rid of some of the moisture, you can begin the next step. With dryer hair, it is then time for our Fresh Start Protective Prep and Primer, which will create an even canvas for your hair, as it offers maximum protection from heat damage. 



How to Dry your Hair Right in a Hurry

Drying your hair when you are tight on time is definitely possible with FHI Heat on your side! With our well-researched tools, we have created a marvel of a hairdryer that will dry your locks in no time! Trust science to bring you the best for your hair. Our 2000 Salon Pro Hair Dryer features a high-velocity AC motor, which reduces drying time by up to 50%. This is based on tourmaline ceramic research, which also creates moisture-locking negative ions that seal in moisture, reduce frizz, and eradicate humidity and static.

Another popular choice to create a beautiful blowout in a hurry is our Professional Series Accelerate 2200 Dryer. Decades of research in motor technology have created this DC motor, whose power supplants other AC-powered tools. Because the hairdryer weighs less than one pound and dries your hair so fast, it is very easy to use. This was also designed with low noise and low vibration so that you experience very little hassle.   



How to Dry Curly Hair

Drying curly hair requires the same basic steps as regular hair. Once you prepare your hair as above, with our Satin Finish Conditioner and then the Protective Prep and Primer, we recommend our Blow Out Handle-less Hair Dryer for curly hair, which gives you absolute blowout control, with its handle and barrel combo. Make sure to use the diffuser so that you can get the most-defined results possible. First, hover above the crown of your head without touching the diffuser to your hair, until it is mostly dry, using a higher heat. Then reduce the heat to go closer to your scalp and finish the job.

With our ceramic tourmaline heat which produces negative ions, you will experience less frizz while locking in essential moisture with this dryer. Our twin fan DC motor gives you powerful results, and reduces your drying time up to 50%. 



How to Dry with a Dryer and Brush

Although you might think drying your hair with a brush is complicated, when you use the right tools for the job, you will meet with success. Start with our Boar’s bristle brush, coated with anti-static nylon which will keep your hair from snagging.  Divide your hair into four sections, drying each section by curling it around the brush as you go. We recommend our 1900 Nano Lite Pro Hair Dryer, which is one of the lightest dryers on the market, utilizing tourmaline ceramic technology to reduce drying time by 50%. If you want to seal in your moisture and give your hair softer, smoother results, use this powerful turbo dryer. With triple heat and dual air settings, it also provides a curl-defining diffuser, speed dry nozzle, and straightening comb. 

If you prefer an all-in-one brush and dryer, our Stylus Pro Heated Brush is perfect for the job. You can smooth, volumize, curl, and flip as you dry your hair, and will be left with luxurious locks that look smooth and radiant.

If you want the perfect blowout, you have definitely come to the right place. FHI Heat has a variety of products and blow dryers to help you dry your hair like a pro. With powerful motors and lightweight designs, each of our dryers offers specific features that will suit your particular hair need. Use them with our Stylus products that work so well together to prepare and condition your hair, and you will create the perfect blowout at home. 

FHI Heat
FHI Heat

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