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Catch The Waves This Summer: An Easy How-To!

by Gabrielle Hartman July 26, 2021 3 min read

Catch The Waves This Summer: An Easy How-To!

“Catch a wave and you’re sitting on top of the world.” The Beach Boys would say the best way to spend a summer day is surfing. But whether your idea of beautiful summer waves is riding atop one or creating waves in your hair, FHI Heat has got you covered. Although you’ll have to buy your own surfboard or plane ticket to Aruba, our FHI Heat tools are the perfect companions for your journey, offering you state-of-the-art technology, ergonomic designs, and above industry standard power to get the smooth, silky beach waves you crave.


Prepare for the waves

Beach Waves

No matter which way you choose to create your beach waves, the first step is to protect your hair from all of the heat you will use in your styling. This is especially true during the summer when salt water, chlorine, and humidity all add to the mix of elements that could damage your hair. We love this Protective Prep and Primer because it balances your hair, allowing it to grab onto moisture as it protects. This lightweight product also acts as a leave-in detangler and conditioner, making your hair easy to work with.

If you prefer the texture of foam, you can get all of the conditioning and heat-resistant properties in an easy to use Protective Foam. All of our FHI Heat products are designed to work in tandem together, and will spare your hair from summer’s damaging conditions, as well as the heat you will use to create your beach waves. 

If you want to up your beach wave game, lean in to our satin finish conditioning treatment. With two types of silk proteins, our Satin Finish Conditioning Treatment is perfect to penetrate deeply into your hair’s cortex to protect it from your heat styling and other environmental toxins. The benefits last long after you use it, and will work in tandem with our other products to add conditioning and shine to your tresses.


Catch the (soft silky) waves

If you are a traditionalist, then the tried and true recipe for beach waves involves a curling iron. But our Bounce Pro Curler is not just any curling iron. With three layers of baked ceramic plates infused with tourmaline, our Pro Curler creates a plethora of negative ions to reduce static and frizz, and leave you with soft, silky beach waves.  Grab a small section of hair and curl it away from your face, which allows more definition and a more even heat. If you twist the small section of hair before you put it into the curling iron, you will be even more successful creating the beachy, textured look. Make sure to let your curls cool completely before applying hairspray and brushing through them loosely.

Platform Blowout Brush

If you are the type of person that appreciates cutting-edge technology, our brand new Platform Blow Out Brush is the perfect tool for you. Our Platform brush is an astounding 4-in-1 tool that will create elegant or playful beach waves, depending on your need for the day. Not only does plasma technology create negative ions so you can have a smooth frizz-free finish, it also purifies the air from microscopic pollutants that other dryers leave behind. You can dry, style, volumize, and curl your hair, all with this one special tool.

Platform Signature Pro Styler

Although it may seem counterintuitive to use a straightener to create curls, our Signature Pro Styler will also create the beach waves you crave. For each section, drop a piece of hair into the mouth of your straightener, bending into the hair with a flat iron. You will want to clamp your straightener into the shape of an “S” to complete each section. Proceed through your sections of hair to give yourself the tousled, beach wave look without the hassle of pulling out your hair dryer.

If you want to create beach waves like a pro, use the Accelerate 2200 from our Professional Series and this boar brush to make some magic. Fill the brush with a small section of hair, then slowly roll the brush towards the crown of your head and away from it, using the lowest heat setting for your hair type. When you are done, zap it with cool air to set the curl then let it drop from the brush. Repeat this process for all the sections.


Try our FHI Heat products today and you will feel like you ARE sitting on top of the world with your smooth, silky beach waves. No matter what your style, we have the tool that will suit your needs!

Gabrielle Hartman
Gabrielle Hartman

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