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6 Resolutions For Healthy Hair in 2020

by Gabrielle Hartman Collaborator January 10, 2020 4 min read

6 Resolutions For Healthy Hair in 2020

It’s hard to believe that we’re already entering the 2020s. And, what better way to kick off the new decade than by working on resolutions that yield quick, visible results? We are talking, of course, about your often overlooked (but always visible) hair. Hair is something that needs to be maintained and nourished in order to appear healthy and stylish. The best part about hair resolutions is that they are often simple, cost efficient, quick, and long-lasting. Here are some easy and important resolutions you can start today to bring your hair back to its peak health...

1. Skip the shampoo

This resolution is first on the list because it won’t cost you anything and it’s the easiest to do, or notdo. The truth is, you don’t need to wash your hair every single day. Shampoo is great for getting you clean, but it also strips your hair of nourishing natural oils. If you wash every day and find that it’s brittle or dry, shampooing every other day (or even less) could save your hair. This is hard for people who like to exercise daily because they feel their hair looks greasy, but there are several ways around that. On the off-days, you can shower without shampoo. Just use water and a small amount of conditioner. Or, you can use dry shampoo to absorb some of the grease!


Always use heat protectant

2. Always use heat protectant

Using styling tools, like a dryer or curling iron, can be damaging and even fatal to your precious strands without a heat protectant. It’s similar to sailing without a life jacket or braving a hailstorm without an umbrella. Why take the risk? Thankfully, heat protectant is very easy to get and also totally affordable. Most of our Stylus products combine heat protectant formula with other useful ingredients that either enhance shine, volume, or texture. That’s an awesome two-for-one. Or, you can purchase straight up heat protectant. Either way, don’t throw your hair to the wolves by styling without it!


Buy a great hair dryer

3. Buy a great blow dryer

Go into your bathroom right now and check out your blow dryer. Was it bought at a drug store? What’s the wattage? Does it use ion-technology? Is it ceramic? A low wattage can mean that you’ll spend a lot of time drying your hair, which also means you’ll be subjecting your hair to a ton of heat. You want to find a dryer that is ceramic and uses ion technology (which produces negative ions to break down the positively charged H2O in wet hair). This way, you’ll be styling faster without the unnecessary extra heat and damage. Our dryers range from $40-$300, but the Nano Light Pro Hair Dryer in rose gold is one of our favorites!


Speaking of hair dryers...

4. Speaking of blow dryers…

Speaking of blow dryers, or styling in general, try putting the tools down every now and then. Experiment with your natural hair to find ways to style it without any heat! If you’ve got curly hair, frizzy hair, straight hair, etc., we promise that there’s a way to achieve a great look with hair care products. For example, frizzy hair can always be managed by a smoothing serum, or straight hair can be lifted with dry shampoo/root lift spray. Will it look like you’ve just left the salon? Probably not, but you don’t need to go full glam every day! A natural look is just as in as a full-blown style, and your hair will thank you for the much needed break.


Add vitamin B to your routine

5. Add Vitamin B to your routine

Biotin is most notable of the Vitamin B’s for hair treatment, but truthfully most Vitamin B variations help your hair from the inside out. Taking Vitamin B daily will help your hair grow faster, thicker, and remain healthy. It’s a no-brainer! Also, Vitamin B is pretty reasonably priced and available at your local drug store or grocery store, so there’s no reason to not take it. The cherry on top? It will help you with your skin and nails too. Go B for beauty all the way!


Try a root shadow

6. Try a root shadow

Here’s a resolution that will help both your hair and your wallet. When you color or highlight your hair, do you get root touch ups from the scalp? If you are someone who gets full root touch ups, then you know how frustrating it can be when they grow out so quickly. Touch ups are costly, time consuming, and unhealthy for your hair. But, if you are going to color anyways, perhaps adopt a root shadow. When you touch up, instead of starting from the scalp, allow for a slight gradual blend from your natural roots to your colored locks. It will make the roots look intentional when they grow out, thereby allowing you to touch up less! It’s great for your hair, better for your bank account, and totally in style for 2020.

Gabrielle Hartman Collaborator
Gabrielle Hartman Collaborator

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