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6 Hair Hacks Every Woman Should Know

by Gabrielle Hartman November 24, 2020 3 min read

6 Hair Hacks Every Woman Should Know

At FHI Heat, we understand how important good hair days are. We all wish we could make like Beyoncé and simply wake up like that. But bedhead gets the best of us sometimes. We’ve all woken up with a nest that we didn’t have the time to style. Before you reach for the baseball hat, check out these incredible hair hacks that our FHI stylists swear by. Keep these tips on deck to achieve fierce looks, even when your locks are misbehaving.

Toothbrush For Flyaways

Yes, your toothbrush can be used on your hair. However, for sanitary reasons, we suggest getting an entirely new toothbrush for your hair needs. When styling, use it to slick back flyaways. Spritz the bristles with finisher and smooth those loose strands. The bristles on a toothbrush are gentle enough for executing finishing touches without disrupting your style. This trick can be used for both long looks and updos.

Hand Lotion As Product In A Bind

Perhaps you’ve run out of hair care products, or you’re noticing some extra frizz staring back at you in the car mirror. If you’re in a pinch and need to style your strands sans-product, you can always use a tiny amount of hand lotion. Squeeze a pea-sized drop into your hands and run your palms lightly through your tresses or over your flyaways for a freshly styled look.

Sleep with a topknot for volume

Got super-straight strands? Finding a way to naturally increase volume without adding heat can be tough. One of our favorite tricks is throwing your tresses into a topknot before bed. After an evening shower, let your locks air-dry until they are about 75% dry. Then, throw your strands into the bun. This way, your hair will naturally finish drying overnight, holding onto the shape of the topknot, creating waves and volume. Make sure your bun is sitting high enough on the crown so that you can sleep comfortably.

Switch part for added volume

Looking for a quick boost? Switching your part is one of the easiest ways to add some volume to your roots. Your hair is like a muscle. By flipping the switch on your part, you sort of shock the system. As your hair attempts to jump back into the position it is used to, it will appear voluminous and lifted. If you want an even more elevated crown, try spritzing root lift spray.

Double Ponytail

Seeking that stunning long ponytail look? It's trendy and gorgeous, but if you don't have long hair or extensions, can you steal the style? Absolutely! It just requires a touch of magic. Don't worry. This illusion is extremely easy to learn. It's essentially two stacked ponytails. Start by gathering the strands on your crown for the top pony. Then, wrap an elastic around locks at the base of your neck. The length from the top ponytail will hide the elastic holding the bottom ponytail. The two come together to appear as one ultra-long ponytail, and nobody knows the difference!

Root Corrector

No time to go to the salon? Use Hair Veil! When you purchase this lightweight and affordable root filler powder, you save time and money. Use Hair Veil to give yourself more time between appointments. Not to mention, it colors virgin hair exceptionally well, so you won’t spend all day worrying if people are staring at your roots. It’s also compact enough to keep in your purse or car, very simple to apply, and comes with a diagonal-tail brush to fill in your locks. While hiding your roots, it additionally creates a fuller appearance.

Gabrielle Hartman
Gabrielle Hartman

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