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Add Some Sparkle and Glam To Your Hair Routine!

by Gabrielle Hartman November 15, 2023 3 min read

Add Some Sparkle and Glam To Your Hair Routine!

Introducing The UNbrush Glitter Collection

FHI Heat is known for being the place where glamour meets functionality in the world of haircare. And baby, we’ve got a new gem in our crown:The Glitter UNbrush. It’s everything you already love about the viral UNbrush, but with a little bit of extra shimmer. The handle isn't merely glitter-infused; it's a beacon of style, reflecting your love for all things luxurious and your commitment to top-tier haircare. This isn't just about untangling hair; it's about weaving sparkle into the very fibers of your everyday life. If you’re not one of the millions of people who made the UNbrush a worldwide celebrity, here is why people are going absolutely nuts over it. 

Who Is It For?AnyoneCan Shine

Glitter Collection

This brush is also special because it’s made for all hair types. So even if you’ve got the thickest and curliest hair, it’ll untangle those curls. Yep, we’re talking first thing out of the shower! Men, women, and children alike can experience the magic. This brush glides through with remarkable ease. That’s why parents are also freaking out over it. Its magic on curly wet hair after a wash is what catapulted it to viral stardom on TikTok. Hairstylists and curly-haired clients alike have hailed it as a must-have tool for simplifying that post-wash moment. But it’s great for dry, straight, or any other type of hair as well! 

That’s why it makesan amazing stocking stuffer. This isn’t a gift that has any reason to be returned. Everyone can use an extra to pop in their gym bag, car, or for at-home use. And, it’s a brush that works brilliantly for all hair types! 

What Makes The UNbrush a Unicorn: All The Features

Let’s dive into the treasure trove of features…

Soft Flex Bristles
  • DuoFlex Anti-Static Bristles: Say goodbye to the days of hair static and breakage. The UNbrush's bristles are not mere detanglers; they are wisps of pure magic. As they glide through your hair, they leave behind a trail of smoothness and shine, all while reducing static and preventing hair damage. For seniors, this is a revelation—a brush that not only untangles but also pampers and protects their precious locks.
  • 58 Long Bristles & 47 Mini Bristles: Picture this, a graceful ballet of bristles, with 58 long dancers and 47 mini performers, all working in harmony. Together, they untangle the most stubborn of hair strands with finesse and precision. Whether your hair is as fine as silk or as wild as a forest, this ensemble has got you covered

great on wet and dry hair

  • Wet or Dry, It Works Wonders: The UNbrush is a versatile companion, ready to perform its magic whether you've just stepped out of the shower with damp hair or you're preparing for a glamorous night out with your tresses dry and ready. Seniors, in particular, appreciate this flexibility as it simplifies their daily haircare routine, offering convenience without compromise.

Glitter Infused design

  • Glitter Infused Design:  Designed to adds aglamorous touch ofsparkle andstyle to yourdaily hair care routine. This handle infused glitter will shine bright while you brush any time in the day.

Unique backless vented cushion

  • The Unique Backless Vented Cushion: This is not just a design choice; it's a time-saving gateway to effortless styling. The UNbrush's innovative vented cushion facilitates better airflow, which translates to quicker drying times and easier styling. It's like having a personal hair stylist that understands your need for efficiency.

  • Easy-to-Clean: Maintaining your UNbrush is as easy as using it. A few swift movements, and it's as pristine as the day it arrived in your life. Seniors, who often value simplicity and convenience, will appreciate how effortless it is to keep this brush in tip-top shape.

Ultra-light, HIGH PERFORMANCE handle

  • Ultra-light & High Performance: Weighing a mere 1.5 ounces, the UNbrush is a featherlight companion, making it a breeze to wield. It's a high-performance tool that delivers outstanding results with grace and ease, perfect for seniors who want quality without the heft.


Bringing Back the Brilliance to Haircare

With the UNbrush Glitter Detangling Hair Brush, we reiterate our commitment to innovation. This brush isn't just about untangling knots; it's about redefining your relationship with haircare. It promises to turn the ordinary into extraordinary, ensuring that every stroke leaves your hair not just detangled, but also imbued with a hint of glamour.

So here's to a brighter, more dazzling future, where the UNbrush isn't just a tool but a treasure, a radiant jewel in the crown of your haircare routine. Embrace the Sparkle Collection and experience the enchantment in every stroke.

Unbrush Glitter Collection Review
Gabrielle Hartman
Gabrielle Hartman

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