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Why Your Brush Is Important For Your Hair Health

by FHI Heat February 12, 2021 3 min read

Why Your Brush Is Important For Your Hair Health

Most people brush their hair daily, of course. But they don't think much about what a brush can do for your hair health-wise. Using a brush every day is imperative to keeping your hair and scalp healthy. And using the right brush, such as The Unbrush, is even more important! The wrong brush can pull, tangle, and break your hair, and could cause lasting damage. Although the Old Wives’ Tale about brushing your hair a full hundred strokes every night might not be true, taking care to brush your hair with the proper brush will keep your hair healthy and shiny.

While you are busy washing, drying, brushing, and styling your hair, you probably aren't even realizing the health ramifications of what is going on with the top of your head.

A Good Hair Brush Discourages Bacteria Growth

You probably have no idea what exactly is in your hair, and if you knew, it might make you a little queasy. Your hair could be harboring dead skin particles, built up shampoo or other hair product remnants, dust, debris, and even dead bugs if you have been outside! By removing all of these toxins and debris, you discourage bacteria that could grow and clog the hair follicles and the pores on your scalp.

Brushing Your Hair Stimulates the Capillaries and Blood Flow

When you brush your hair, you also stimulate the capillaries that go to your scalp. This increases blood circulation and fast tracks the nutrients to your hair follicles. It can strengthen the roots, encourage hair growth, and keep your hair as healthy as possible. We never really think that our hairbrush can affect blood flow, but that is an integral part of keeping everything healthy.

The Proper Hair Brush Assists Sebaceous Glands

Brushing assists your sebaceous glands, which produce a serum that makes your hair shiny and healthier. The brush's action stimulates these glands to create sebum, which is a natural conditioner and protective oil. When you brush your hair, you stimulate the gland at the base of your hair to produce sebum, and you also help distribute it throughout your hair. This makes your hair shiny, of course, but it also serves as a barrier for debris or particles getting into your hair.

Brushing Your Hair Makes It More Reflective

Gentle brushing flattens your hair's cuticles, which is the outer layer of your hair shaft. This will add shine and make your hair more reflective. The physical process of flattening your hair cuticles makes the hair both more luxurious and healthier.

Use the Right Brush and Keep It Clean

Using a wide paddle brush will help to detangle your hair, which is important in keeping your hair healthy. Use soft bristles, especially if you have soft or fine hair. The Unbrush is perfect for wet or dry hair. The specialty soft flex bristles eliminate pulling or tearing. It contains a gentle tangle release that reduces breakages and split ends. The brush's vented cushion, recommended to keep your hair from tangling, also reduces drying time by 48%. The Unbrush is also very easy to clean.

You can clean your brush with warm soapy water or even a little shampoo. Be diligent in cleaning because the residue can get back into your hair and affect the health of the capillaries and sebaceous glands, which allow your hair to be healthy to start with. Cleaning your brush about once a week will be the healthiest thing for your hair.

Best Hair Tips For Your Brush

  • If you have straight or thin hair, never brush your hair when wet as it could tear easily. Dry it carefully and style without overworking it.
  • If your hair is curly or textured hair, you will cause fizz if you brush your hair when dry. In this case, brush it while it is wet and be very gentle as you do so.
  • Brush your hair from the bottom. If you start at the very top, it will be difficult to get all the way through to the bottom and you are more likely to cause tears and breakage.
  • Be gentle with your hair. Avoid over-handling it, as that can lead to breakage, tearing, and other problems.

Although many people think of brushing their hair as a sign of vanity that does nothing more than make their locks shine, there is really so much more to it than that. By brushing your hair, you activate capillaries that bring blood to your hair follicles, and you also stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce sebum to help your hair shine even more. By cleaning dirt and built-up hair products from your hair, you also keep your pores open. Using a great brush will boost your hair's shine and health, as well as your confidence!

FHI Heat
FHI Heat

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