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Back To Virtual School: Easy Styles for Zoom & Google Classroom

by Gabrielle Hartman Collaborator August 28, 2020 4 min read

Back To Virtual School: Easy Styles for Zoom & Google Classroom

As summer comes to a close, returning to school is at the forefront of everyone's minds. Much is up for debate; however, it's safe to say that many institutions will implement at least some level of virtual learning through Zoom or Google Classrooms. For children, this isn't easy, but it doesn't mean that the back-to-school excitement is totally lost.

Getting your kids ready for the school day, even if it's taking place at home, is an easy way to bring some familiarity into the 'new normal.' Give your child some of that playground joy by doing their hair for their Zoom classes! Here are some fun hairstyles that will get your kid jazzed for their virtual school day.

Playful Pigtails

Pigtails are a classic playground favorite among back-to-school looks. They are easy to create and very comfortable on your little one's head. Add some Rapunzel flair to the look by sectioning off the pigtails with elastics. You and your little lady can pick out her favorite elastic colors in the morning to personalize the look.

The trick to getting this princess hairdo perfect is adding hair gel to the crown. Smooth away those precious baby hairs so that the main focus is on the pigtails themselves. Your kid will love her look, and she'll be able to keep the hair out of her face while she chats to classmates through Zoom.

Studious Spikes

Here is a fun style for a kid with a rebellious edge. It's punk-rock-meets-Schoolhouse-Rock. Sometimes, this style is called a fohawk, and creating it is very simple.

Begin by combing your child's hair towards the front of his head. Rather than parting the hair to one side or down the middle, use a thin layer of hair gel or volumizing mousse to manipulate the hair into the fohawk. The gel will keep the look in place, no matter how hard your little one rocks out. Inspire your kid to ace his studies with this hardcore look that's as edgy as it is adorable. Hopefully, it will give him the boost needed to roll with the punches like a rolling stone.

Back-To-School Hipster Half-Bun

If you've got a trendy tween at home who loves to treat each school day like a fashion show, this is a look that will surely inspire model student behavior. It's a half-bun set among dazzling curls. It will have her feeling fearlessly and fashionably focused on her studies.

To create the hipster half-bun, take the section of hair at the front and top of your girly girl's crown and create a bun with a hair elastic. If you want to go the extra mile, you can snag some nearby strands to secure the bun by wrapping it around (and hiding) the elastic. Fix into place with pins. Then, take a curler and loosely curl the loose hair. Don’t forget to use heat protectant before using a hot tool on those fragile strands. Spritz with finisher to secure. What remains is a trendsetting look for your queen bee who's bound for straight As.

Classroom Classy

A side-part is an easy way to give your little lad some back-to-school freshness. This polished look is best attempted right after a morning rinse. With wet hair, part your son's hair on one side and gently brush it in that direction. Depending on the nature of your son's locks, it will likely remain in-tact for the better half of the day. If you want a little extra security, you can always blow-dry the hair in the desired direction with a dryer, and top it off with a small dab of hair gel.


Silly Space Buns

Your little love bug might not know much about Star Wars, but she'll definitely shine in some space buns. Space buns happen to look extra cute if your child has bangs to complement them.

To create these silly space buns, part your daughter's hair in the middle and use elastics to make two high pigtails. Then, wrap those pigtails into individual buns and use pins to secure. You can add some finisher to make sure the style stays locked all day long. Though she'll be sitting at home for the school day, she'll feel totally out of this world!


Buzzworthy Buzz

Confident with the clippers? You might have what it takes to give your kid an awesome buzz. Some little men don't have enough hair to 'style,' but that doesn't mean that you can't get creative with the look. A general rule of thumb for clippers is 'the smaller the blade, the shorter the cut'.

A faded buzz like this is known as an undercut, and typically requires clippers with adjustable blades (or the ability to switch one blade out for another). To figure out where to begin the undercut, use your child's temples as a starting point and angle down, towards the base of the neck. If you can pull this off from home, without going into a salon, you've mastered the quarantine parenting game!

Gabrielle Hartman Collaborator
Gabrielle Hartman Collaborator

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