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The Next Evolution in Hair Dryers

by Gina Ortega October 18, 2022 2 min read

The Next Evolution in Hair Dryers

Introducing The Innovator Pro Speed Dryer!

Our lightest, fastest and most powerful hair dryer!The ultralight unique design combined with the Digital BLDC Motor makes this dryer one of a kind.  The Innovator Dryer is perfectly balanced with a powerful air flow unlike anything on the market. Providingthe highest standard of the beauty industry with unique ergonomic features, decreased styling time, all while infusing intense moisture to the hair. This is the next evolution in hair dryers!

The Innovator - Pro Power Speed Dryer 

  • Perfectly Balanced - Features a unique, light weight t -shaped design ensuring balance and performance
  • Long Lasting Motor - Digital Brushless (BLDC) Motor improves precision, and longevity
  • Extreme Speed - Motor runs at 110,000 Rotations Per Minute, generating extreme air pressure for faster styling
  • HydraHeat™ Technology- Produces negative ions that penetrate the cuticle leaving hair instantly hydrated, smooth and with increased shine
  •  Ultra-light - Weighs only 10.5 ounces! (without cord)
  • Auto Clean System - Used to deep clean the internal system of the dryer and improve performance
  • Eco Friendly - Low Energy Consumption & Low EMF Emissions
  • Includes three attachments - Wide Nozzle, Narrow Nozzle, Diffuser


How to Create a Voluminous Blowout with The FHI Heat Innovator Dryer


Here are the Steps:

  1. Prep damp hair with  FHI Heat Stylus Full Blown Volumizing Mousse.
  2. Section out the front hair line, this is where you want to focus to get the most volume.
  3. Use the  FHI Heat Innovator Dryer with the wide nozzle attachment.
  4. Adjust the heat and power to your desired setting. For thick hair use high heat and high power. 
  5. Start with the section on the side of the head and dry the hair using a round brush, gently pulling the hair forward.
  6. Once section is completely dry, hold it in place.
  7. When section is cool, release the hair from the brush. 
  8. Repeat Steps 6 and 7 on until hair is complete! 

Real Results!

 Shop The NEW Innovator Pro Speed Dryer: Here

Gina Ortega
Gina Ortega

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