July 31, 2019 3 min read


We are proud to announce that our very own FHI Heat Platform Artist, Vanessa Bautista, was recently named a SalonCentric Ambassador!

Vanessa has worked with FHI Heat for the last three years traveling the US teaching styling techniques in salon classes, on stage, and on air.

Today we sat down with Vanessa to talk to her about her new role as a SalonCentric Ambassador and to hear a little bit about what she loves about FHI Heat.

When did you start working with FHI Heat?

Vanessa: I started working with FHI Heat in 2016, 3 years now. Wow time is flying by lol. My first hair show was at the Bronner Bros. Hair Show in Atlanta. Definitely a show everyone has to experience!

What is your favorite thing about working with FHI Heat?

Vanessa: It has groomed me to be the best artist all around. I never thought hairstyling would be a passion of mine but I love the art! I’ve created friendships all over the United States. FHI Heat has taught me to be myself with confidence 😊

What is your go to FHI Heat tool?

Vanessa: The new Titanium Sleek Styler 1 inch! First of all, I love the eye-catching packaging. I am so drawn to the look of the tool. I now have a tool that will give me a great finish on my keratin treatments. Plus, it’s so lightweight. I have a mild case of carpal tunnel, it’s so easy on my hands!!

What does it mean to you to be named a SalonCentric Ambassador?

Vanessa: Being a SalonCentric Ambassador, has been a dream of mine. I’ve been shopping at SalonCentric my entire career. It means being passionate about the hair industry and community of professionals who are licensed. It’s so amazing to know I get to represent them on a global platform. It truly is an honor. I get to represent us stylists!

What are some of your duties as a SalonCentric Ambassador?

Vanessa: Of course, it means being the ultimate SalonCentric Fan! I get to review and unbox products that haven’t touched the SalonCentric shelves. I educate stylists within the store and in salons! I get to do Facebook Lives and engage with fellow hairstylists. It’s so much fun! I love showcasing what I’ve learned being in the TV industry, it brings a whole different vibe when you see it from the consumer’s point of view.

You have accomplished so much throughout your career. What advice would you give young stylists who are just starting out?

Vanessa: To be yourself. Stay authentic to who you are, your beliefs, and dreams. Never change to fit in. Find a mentor, it’s okay to ask for help. Know that each experience whether good or bad will be a lesson to make you the best stylist you can be.



From Jacksonville Florida, Vanessa runs her own salon- Glam V Studio. She started her journey as a makeup artist and quickly found that color theory in makeup was identical to hair color. She began to take an interest in providing hair services and apprenticed under a Redken Certified Colorist who showed her how to apply her knowledge of color theory to hair. As she began to develop as a stylist, corrective color and styling became her niche. She began working with FHI Heat in 2016 as an educator and quickly worked her way up to becoming a Platform Artist. She has traveled with FHI Heat, educating stylists in salons, at hair shows and on air on shows such as the Home Shopping Network. Her outgoing personality and love for hair shines through in her work and continues to inspire stylists across the US.


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