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Socially-Distant First Date Ideas + The Hair To Match

by Gabrielle Hartman September 18, 2020 3 min read

Socially-Distant First Date Ideas + The Hair To Match

With cuffing season looming and summer departing, now is the perfect time to go on a socially-distant date. The sun is still shining, making outdoor meetups viable. But, how many romantic things can you really do outdoors? The pandemic has forced us to get a little creative with our socializing, which also applies to dating.

Luckily, meeting someone special is still on the table despite the need to wear a mask or stay several feet apart. That table, however, is no longer sitting inside a fancy candlelit restaurant. Instead, it's outdoors, perhaps replaced by a picnic quilt. Whichever way you choose to safely get your flirt on, we've got the hairstyles to match. Here are some of our favorite socially-distant date ideas and looks.


Posh Picnic

Here's one for the hopeless romantic. Pick a park or a secluded part of your city to have a dreamy picnic with your crush. You can each pack your own finger foods and sit far enough apart for safety, but close enough for connection. Time your picnic so that you hit a sunset at some point. It'll serve as a proverbial kiss as you watch the sun fade into cotton candy skies.

Picnics are always best in the shade, but comfortable spots under trees seem to only exist in movies or Central Park. That's why we suggest bringing your own shade by wearing a hat. Use a blowout brush and dryerto add some flare beneath your personal sun veil.

FHI Heat Pro Tip: When the sun starts to go down, you might want to take your hat off, but hat-hair isn't cute. To avoid it, wear a slightly oversized hat and make sure your hair is 100% dry before putting it on in the first place.


Twists & Trails

Hikes have climbed in popularity since the start of the pandemic. People are eager to explore the outdoors and have an adventure that doesn't involve walking from the living room to the kitchen. Your date is probably feeling the same way. Impress them with your wanderlust side and explore some trails you've never set foot on before. Navigating uncharted territory together is a cool way to hit the ground running in your could-be relationship.

Sure, hiking is rugged, but that doesn't mean it can't be cute! The best hairstyle for a good hike is any variation of braids. Not only does it keep hair out of your face, but it also keeps humidity and sweat from completely sabotaging your look. That's pretty important when you are trekking through wooded trails.

FHI Heat Pro tip: Gently mist lightweight hairspray onto your braids to keep them from fraying.


Relaxed Rendezvous

Your pool days are numbered, so why not take advantage of what you've got left? If it's already chilly where you live, you can always turn a pool date into a hot tub date. Tease your date by wearing your steamiest bikini and let the soothing water fuel your bubbling romance.

The most important thing to keep in mind when going on this date is that you're going to want to make sure your hair stays out of the damaging chlorine. It's not healthy and will eventually make you feel sticky in front of your date. Avoid that entirely by wearing a top knot.

FHI Heat Pro Tip: Use styling gel to slick your hair into this top knot. If it's not holding, you can tease your ponytail (before putting it into a bun) for extra grip.


Day On The Town

Have you ever explored your city? We mean really explored. There’s a high probability that there are so many hidden gems you’ve never even laid eyes on. Kill two birds with one stone by taking your date on a walk around town. Pick a scenic route that you’ve never taken and let the day unfold naturally.

With this breezy date, you’ll want a manageable hairstyle. We recommend giving yourself a blow dry using a diffuserto give your hair some body. You can even add root lift spray for extra volume before styling with the dryer.

FHI Heat Pro Tip: Skip the scrunchie and bring a pair of sunnies with you to nix flyaways while you walk around town.

Gabrielle Hartman
Gabrielle Hartman

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