Knock 'Em Dead with These Halloween Hairstyles

by Gabrielle Hartman Collaborator October 22, 2019 4 min read

Knock 'Em Dead with These Halloween Hairstyles

With Halloween fast approaching, you may be asking yourself how you’ll be able to make this one count. Are you going to dig up the witch hat you’ve stored in the garage and call it a day? Or, are you going to own Halloween night like Heidi Klum, and knock them dead? We get it, picking out a costume is more frightening than the holiday itself; however, you don’t need to scour the internet for ideas or splurge at Party City to create something fierce. In fact, some of the best costumes begin and end with an epic hairstyle. 

So, before you ghost the holiday altogether, take a peek at some of these effortless, smart styles that are sure to complete your Halloween look. Whether you are drinking cocktails with friends or bobbing for apples with the kiddos, these styles will have you looking scarychic. Most of these looks require the use of heated tools, so don’t forget to prep your hair with a heat protectant!




If you’re a fan of the classics but don’t want to be another Mia Wallace with a wig and a nosebleed, you’ll love this simple Scarface bob. This cool and elegant look is very easy to achieve if you already have short/medium length hair; however, if your hair is long, you can still accomplish the look by creating a faux bob (you can find easy tutorials for the faux bob all over Youtube).


If you’ve already got a bob with bangs, you’ll simply need a straightening styler like the Platform Ti Sleek Titanium Pro Stylerand a curler like the 24K Professional Salon Gold Curler. First, straighten your hair. Then, curl the very ends of your hair and style your bangs. Stay Styled Variable Hold Dry Hairspray to keep it in place, and throw on a silk dress and some dangly earrings for a complete look.





Black Swan

This costume is one that dances with sophistication, sex appeal, and glamour. Whether you are going for the classic elegance of a ballerina, or the edgy mystery of The Black Swan, this ballet-bun is sure to turn heads. First, you’ll want to pull your hair into a fierce high ponytail. Then, using a bun maker, create the donut-shaped bun atop your head.

As a ballerina, you’ll want to aim for perfection. This look is not complete without Total Control Hair Styling Gel to lock every hair into place and Shine  Express Hair Mist to make that graceful bun shimmer. If you happen to spend the night out and are late for that after-Halloween brunch, there’s no need to worry. This hairstyle can easily transition from Halloween night into everyday runway with a travel-sized Stay Styled Variable Hold Hairspray, which will fit soundly into most evening bags!




Princess Leia

If you’ve been pondering taking a trip somewhere far, far away, this iconic look might be perfect for you. We’re not talking about Cabo or the south of France. This look is one that will send you through outer space and all the way back to the 80’s. You won’t even have to spend a ton of time styling your hair, which leaves more time to meet up with your Luke Skywalker.

We suggest straightening your hair with a ceramic straightener like the The Platform Signature Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Styler and splitting your hair down the middle into mid-low pigtails (behind your ears). Then, wrap the hair into two space buns and bobby-pin the buns in place. Spray some hairspray for good measure and Total Control Hair Styling Gel to smooth flyaways.




Are you ready to ‘get that party started?’ If you’ve got short hair and are seeking that bombshell empowering costume this Halloween, P!nk is the perfect choice. The sexy superstar has shaped the music industry as we know it, and she also happens to love shaping her hair.

If you don’t have pink hair, don’t worry. It’s nothing that a little bit of hair chalk won’t fix. If you’d like to keep it natural, that works too! P!nk has experimented with nearly all hair colors over the years. This look is extremely simple to achieve and only requires a bit of Total Control Hair Styling Gel to give the hair height, dimension, and texture. P!nk often plays with the style of her famous short hair, so feel free to experiment with spikes or a faux-hawk. Grab that epic leather jacket and get ready to raise your glass!



Mermaid Beach Waves


We’ve all fantasized about being a mermaid at one point in our lives, so why not live that dream on Halloween? We promise it’ll go swimmingly. If you own a bathing suit and a green skirt or pair of pants, this costume won’t break the bank.

All the style requires is the work of a small or medium curling iron such as The Platform Bounce Pro Curler - 3/4 inch and some strong hairspray. This look is all about having a lot of shimmering beachy hair, so you can also start with Full Blown Volumizing Mousse and finish with Shine Express Hair Mist! To accomplish the look, go ahead and curl your hair in small/medium pieces. Add some hairspray and get ready to make their hearts sink with this glamorous costume.




If you’ve got naturally curly hair, you’ll want to consider being a sexy feline this Halloween. Each FHI Heat dryer comes with a diffuser, making this one of the easiest Halloween hairstyles on the list. If you’ve had curly hair your entire life, you’ll likely know that the best time to use a diffuser is after a bit of heat protectant, shine serum, and air-drying time. Your luscious hair is the perfect way to give off the illusion of fur without actually wearing any. It goes great with either face paint, cat ears, or a combo. With this look, you’ll be able to let out your wild side. Also, because you’ve got natural curls, your hair will stay purrrfect all night!

Gabrielle Hartman Collaborator
Gabrielle Hartman Collaborator

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