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A Gift Guide To Help You This Christmas

by Gabrielle Hartman December 15, 2021 4 min read

A Gift Guide To Help You This Christmas

“Strings of street lights, even stop lights blink a bright red and green, as the shoppers rush home with their treasures.” The song “Silver Bells” says it all at this holiday time of year. But if you are already feeling rushed at the holidays and not interested in being out dashing around with the people and hearing the snow crunch and seeing the kids bunch, FHI Heat has made your shopping both easier and more economical this year. This year we are featuring a Gift Guide so that you can keep your budget in check as you shop, as well as a list of Gift Sets that do the hard work for you. There are many sales you can take advantage of, as well. The list of compiled items is long, but here are our favorites to save you time and aggravation while you are decking the halls.

Gift Guide

The Gift Guide is clearly delineated by dollar amount to keep your spending on track. If you are interested in smaller items for stocking stuffers, there is an Under $25 category, and if you are buying for a beloved friend or family member, the range goes all the way to Over $200. There is truly something for everyone in our Gift Guide.  Below is a sampling of the items we think are just great!

Over $200

The Ti Styling Trio--Rose Gold is truly one of our favorites, and is perfect for the classy woman on your list who loves to take care of her hair as well as save time. The trio of items includes both our titanium curler and styler, as well as the Unbrush which is perfect for untangling wet or dry hair. With titanium plates infused with magnesium, these tools heat up quickly and their speedy heat transfer leads to smoother, silkier hair. They look stylish too!

Under $200

Get a beautiful blowout with less time and more precision by purchasing our specially designed Blow Out Handle-less Hair Dryer. Featuring a DC twin motor, its ceramic heat creates negative ions which reduces frizz and brings on the shine. Without the handle in the way, it will be easier for your loved one to manage the hairdryer and their beautiful hair!

Under $100

This dynamic heated brush, our Stylus Pro Heated Brush, uses tourmaline technology, which reduces static and locks in moisture. Capable of curling, flipping, volumizing, and styling as it dries, this is the perfect gift for someone who is always pressed for time but still wants to look their best.

Under $50

If you want the power of a full-sized dryer but have a friend who likes to travel, this tourmaline ceramic Mini Dryer is a hit. It is ultra-light and ergonomically designed for ease of use, but also features a dual voltage powerful DC motor. It can easily be tucked away in a carry-on bag or a gym bag, for beauty on the go.

Under $25

With a long weighted handle and ceramic barrel, this Ceramic Boar Bristle Brush goes perfectly with any of our FHI Heat tools to provide superior blowouts. The anti-static coated nylon and boar bristles will glide without snagging and leave your hair shiny and professional-looking. This is ideal for a stocking stuffer!

Gift Sets

FHI Heat has done the thinking for you, and put together some dynamic Gift Sets that are sure to please even the pickiest person on your list this year. If they care about their hair, they will be impressed with our sets! There are also deep discounts for the Gift Sets, with a tiered discount system of 35% off, 30% off, and 25% off. Save money and make someone smile, all at the same time!

35% Off

Our Digital Duo Set will blow your mind, even as it gives you the perfect blowout. With Universal Voltage and the latest technology, the Digital Dual Voltage Hair Dryer is ergonomically designed to offer you precision and shine like the professionals. Add to that the Digital Black Ceramic Styler, which creates more moisture-locking ions to ramp up the shine for whoever is on your list. At 35% off, you truly can’t beat it!

30% Off

Here's a 30% off special this holiday season, the Curve and Polisher Duo Set is the latest in FHI Heat technology.  Featuring The Curve Pro Styling Iron and The Polisher Pro Air Drying Brush, our brand new cutting edge tools are sure to please. The Plasma Ionic Technology on the brush locks in moisture and seals the cuticle so your hair maintains its luster, and the curved handle of the styler melds to your hand’s shape. This dynamic duo will change everything for the better!

If there is a woman on your list that absolutely blows your mind, show her how much she means to you with The Ultimate Rose Gold Styling Set. The 1900 Nano Lite Pro Hair Dryer will dry her hair in half the time, so she can get on to more important things. Add to that the titanium styler and titanium curler, as well as an Unbrush, and you will definitely get some kisses under the mistletoe this year! These top-of-the-line tools will leave your favorite lady’s hair shiny and irresistible.

25% Off

Our Stylus Blow Out Kit is at a great price this holiday season, and the perfect stocking stuffer to add to any of the gifts above. With our Sheer Remedy Silk Treatment, the Fresh Start Heat Protectant Serum, our Pump it Up serum for blowouts, and Stay Finished Hair Spray, the special person on your list will be getting the royal treatment from start to finish.

With the help of FHI Heat, you can easily get your shopping done and save some cash in the process. So instead of bustling around with the city streetlights and the children bunching, you can be sitting on your couch listening to your favorite holiday music and relaxing the night away.

Gabrielle Hartman
Gabrielle Hartman

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