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Celebrate our 19th Birthday with us!

par Gabrielle Hartman août 15, 2023 5 lecture minimale

Celebrate our 19th Birthday with us!

Hello loves! It's time to celebrate a momentous occasion - our 19th birthday at FHI Heat (cue applause)! But wait, there's more! We believe the best way to celebrate is by showing our appreciation to YOU, our fantastic customers who have been with us on this incredible journey.

From August 1st to August 19th, we're pulling out all the stops to make this birthday bash unforgettable. Get ready to be mesmerized by the jaw-dropping deals on our top-of-the-line hairstyling tools. You're about to embark on a hairstyling adventure like never before!

Let's take a sneak peek at what's in store for our epic 19th birthday bash:

Day 1:  The Platform Signature 1” - 30% off

We're kicking off the festivities with a bang! Say hello to The Platform Signature 1”, a Tourmaline Ceramic Professional Styling Iron designed to make your hair dreams come true. With its triple layer of baked ceramic plates infused with tourmaline, this tool ensures even heat distribution, allowing you to create stunning styles ranging from sleek straight looks to those gorgeous beachy waves that evoke summer all year round. 

Day 2:  Platform 2000 Nano Power Pro Dryer - 20% off

Say goodbye to endless drying sessions! The 2000 Nano Power Pro Dryer is here to whisk you away to hair-drying bliss. This high-performance dryer combines endurance with power, delivering flawless results every time. Your hair will dry faster than you can blink, leaving it ultra-conditioned, full of body, and shining.

Day 3:  The Brush Collection - 35-50% off

Get ready to meet your hairstyling fairy godmothers! Our Brush Collection is the secret to taming frizz and achieving smooth, quick styling that will have you feeling like you just stepped out of a salon. With discounts ranging from 35% to 50%, you won't be able to resist adding these magical tools to your beauty arsenal.

Day 4:  The Waver - 30% off

Embrace the magic of waves and curls with The Waver, your new best friend for dreamy, enchanting hairstyles. Featuring dual 1” barrels and tourmaline ceramic with HydraHeat™ Technology, this beauty seals the cuticle, creating long-lasting waves on all hair types. 

Day 5:  Platform Blowout Handle-less Dryer - 30% off

It's time for the perfect blowout! The Handle-less Dryer is an innovative tool that combines precision and ease, giving you control and fast drying like a true hairstyling maestro. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to sexy blowouts. 

Day 6:  The Hair Care Collection - 50% off

Let the pampering begin! Our luxurious Hair Care Collection is here to indulge your hair with some serious tender loving care. From our Neobond salon-quality treatment to Stylus, our thermal-protectant product line, we've got your hair health covered. Plus, our Hair Veil Hair Filler Powder adds depth and volume to your locks while also allowing you to wait longer between color sessions and save even more. 

Day 7:  The Polisher - $48 off

Polish your way to perfection with The Polisher Pro Air Drying Brush. This fabulous 4-in-1 tool acts as a paddle brush and blow dryer, leaving your hair smooth, polished, and oh-so-gorgeous. Embrace the salon experience from the comfort of your own home - because you deserve nothing less than pure luxury!

Day 8:  The Bounce Curling Iron Collection - $25 off

Embrace the curl power with The Bounce Curling Iron Collection. With $25 off, you can achieve endless curls and volume in all hair lengths and styles. The Bounce Curling Iron Collection is powerful, and it’s the type of curler you want on deck no matter the occasion. If you like curling with ceramic, get your hands on this one while it’s on sale!

Day 9:  The 2200 Accelerate Motor Dryer - 30% off

Step into the future of hair drying with The 2200 Accelerate Motor Dryer. Its brushless (BLDC) motor offers even heat distribution, while moisture-locking negative ions keep your hair healthy and hydrated. Bid farewell to lengthy drying sessions and hello to fabulous hair days filled with ease and efficiency!

Day 10:  2000 Nano Power in Black &Platform Plus Pro Styler - 30% off

Enjoy a double dose of hairstyling bliss! Get 30% off the 2000 Nano Power Dryer in Black and the Platform Plus Pro Styler - a match made in hair heaven. Experience the efficiency of the Nano Power Dryer and unleash your hairstyling creativity with the Platform Plus Pro Styler. It's a dynamic duo you won't want to miss!

Day 11:  The Blowout Brush - 50% off

Prepare to shine bright like a diamond with the Blowout Brush. This remarkable 4-in-1 tool is your hairstyling sidekick for drying, curling, smoothing, and volumizing with ease. 

Day 12:  The Flirt Collection - 40% off

The Flirt Collection is here to sweep you off your feet with fabulous discounts on Lovestruck Mini Dryer, Envy Blowout Brush, Truelove Curling Iron, and Soulmate Styling Flat Iron. These tools are great for travelers because they are compact, cute, and powerful.

Day 13:  FREE  Flirt Blush Mini Travel Iron - $125 Min

The Flirt Brush Mini Travel Iron will never compromise quality for the size of this petite. Designed for your on-the-go lifestyle, this tool is packed with three layers of baked ceramic plates for powerful and even heat conductivity. A cute tool that's great for travel.

Day 14:  Platform 1900 Chrome Dryers - 45% off

Experience the power of lightweight performance with 45% off the 1900 Nano Lite Pro Hair Dryer. This dryer's high-performing tourmaline ceramic technology reduces drying time by 50%, leaving your hair glossy and full of life. 

Day 15:  TheTi Sleek Titanium Styler - 35% off

Sleek, chic, and ready to impress - get 35% off The Ti Sleek Titanium Pro Styler. Its titanium plates infused with magnesium heat up quickly, delivering flawless results. 


Day 16:  The Curve Pro Styling Iron  - 25% off

Unleash your inner hairstyling artist with 25% off The Curve, the revolutionary Pro Styling Iron designed for smooth, curling, or waving hair with ease. Its ergonomic curved design fits perfectly in your hand, making hairstyling a breeze!


Day 17:  To Be Announced!


Day 18:  TheInnovator Pro Power Speed Dryer - 25% off

Last but not least, celebrate in style with 25% off The Innovator Pro Power Speed Dryer - the winner of the 2023 Good Housekeeping Best Beauty Awards! Its ultralight design and powerful airflow will elevate your hairstyling game to new heights. Say hello to decreased styling time and fabulous, moisturized hair!


Day 19:   To Be Announced!

So there you have it, our fabulous 19-day birthday celebration filled with incredible deals on hairstyling tools that will elevate your hairstyling game to new heights. Whether you're looking for sleek straight looks, voluminous curls, or anything in between, FHI Heat has got you covered with the best tools in the industry. Treat yourself to the ultimate hairstyling experience and celebrate our 19th birthday in style. Happy hairstyling, and cheers to many more fabulous hair days ahead!

Gabrielle Hartman
Gabrielle Hartman

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