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Beach-Ready Hair: Must-Have Hair Tools for Your Beach Bag

par Milan Nguyen mai 01, 2023 3 lecture minimale

Beach-Ready Hair: Must-Have Hair Tools for Your Beach Bag

As the days grow warmer and we prepare for beach getaways, poolside lounging, and sun-kissed skin, our hair care routines need a seasonal upgrade. With that in mind, we've curated a selection of FHI Heat's sophisticated and technologically advanced hair tools and products to help you maintain healthy, radiant hair for this hot season.

FHI Heat's hot hair care collection features a range of innovative gadgets, from compact hair dryers to dual-barrel wavers, all designed to minimize heat damage and promote a lustrous mane. Read on to discover the hair tools that will make you the envy of your sun-loving friends.

Inside The Bag: The Tools

Model using the retro hair dryer with a hair brush to dry hair


A must-have, the Retro Pro Compact Dryer combines vintage style with cutting-edge technology. Its sleek, retro-inspired design is reminiscent of classic beauty tools, while its features cater to the modern, on-the-go woman.

The Retro Pro Compact Dryer boasts a powerful 1200-watt motor, making it ideal for speedy drying without exposing your hair to excessive heat, a plus for sun-soaked days. The dryer's proprietary Triple Heat Technology includes three temperature settings, allowing for gentle yet efficient drying. Plus, it’s a full-size dryer that’s just compact enough to fit inside a beach bag. 


The Waver Pro Dual Barrel Waver

Model showing result in mirror while holding the waver styling iron

Beachy waves are a summer staple, and achieving them has never been easier with the Waver Pro Dual Barrel Waver. This innovative styling tool features two ceramic tourmaline barrels, designed to create natural-looking, tousled waves without damage that will last through several days of heat.

Ceramic technology ensures even heat distribution, reducing the risk of hot spots and hair damage. The tourmaline-infused barrels emit negative ions, which seal the hair cuticle, locking in moisture, and boosting shine. So when you tan, you won’t zap all that moisture from your locks! The result? Long-lasting, frizz-free mermaid waves that will have you turning heads all summer long.


Mini Travel Tools

Travel hair dryer and styling iron in pink laying on pink background


Beach vacations call for a well-stocked beach bag, and FHI Heat's Love & Blush Mini Travel Duo Set is the perfect addition. This stylish set includes a mini flat iron and a mini curling iron, both featuring ceramic tourmaline technology for consistent heat and reduced damage.

The flat iron's bevelled plates allow for versatile styling, from sleek and straight to beachy waves, while the curling iron's clip-free design prevents creasing and allows for effortless curls. The compact size and dual voltage capability make these mini tools your new travel essentials.


Close up image of the hair running through the bristles of the UNbrush hair brush


Hot weather or salty beach days = tangles. This innovative detangling brush is designed to glide through wet or dry hair, gently unravelling knots without causing breakage or damage.

The UnBrush features soft, flexible bristles that gently glide through wet or dry hair, minimizing breakage and damage. Its vented design allows for faster drying times, making it the perfect companion for a quick beach-to-bar transformation.

Inside The Bag: The Hair Care

3 sizes of the daily beauty satin finish hair care standing spaced side by side from each other


While FHI Heat tools are made to protect your hair despite the heat, you’ll still need some thermal protection. Plus, you can never go wrong with some product for styling. Here’s what we recommend: 

  • Satin Finish Conditioning Treatment: This silk-infused conditioning treatment can be used in two ways: to penetrate the hair with moisture while conditioning and to smooth frizz while styling. Your hair will be craving moisture during the summer days. And let’s be honest, it will probably beg for some frizz-taming too! 
  • Mini Sheer Remedy Liquid Satin Treatment: This is frizz enemy #1. Keep it in your bag for all frizz emergencies and get instant brilliant shine!
  • Travel-Sized Stay Styled Finisher: Hair spray is going to go a long way in keeping your styled looks intact this summer. Keep this bad boy in your bag for when things get a little messy - you won’t regret it. 
  • Mini Total Control Gel: This is THE ultimate sleek pony companion. This will be your best friend when you’re having a bad hair day. Turn your greasy 4th-day hair into something chic with this product. 
  • High Altitude Root Lift Spray: This is perfect for beachy waves or pre-blowout. Its light liquid base provides texture to the hair without stiffness, tackiness, or crunch.
Milan Nguyen
Milan Nguyen

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