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This Might Be The Only Hot Tool You Need

by Gabrielle Hartman May 22, 2023 2 min read

This Might Be The Only Hot Tool You Need

The Curve Pro Styling Iron is so much more than a flat iron. This exceptional tool, with its extraordinary curved design, redefines the art of hairstyling. Let’s explore the unparalleled features of The Curve and unlock a realm of unique looks that will leave you feeling like a modern-day muse.

The Flip


Ariana Grande's Instagram

Elevate your style game with The Curve's ability to effortlessly flip the ends of your hair, offering a touch of sleek and polished refinement. As the iron delicately glides through your locks, it imparts a luxurious flip that exudes confidence and sophistication. Embrace the allure of timeless beauty with this signature move that adds a touch of allure to any look.

The technique: Use the curved edge to flip your ends outwards as you style.

Boho Waves

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Experience the allure of sun-kissed shores with The Curve's curved plates and rounded edges, perfectly crafted to create those coveted beachy waves. With a simple twist and glide, your locks transform into a cascade of natural, carefree waves. The Curve's ingenious design ensures flawless, crease-free undulations, epitomizing the epitome of effortless beauty.

The technique: Loosely twist downwards (as if you were to create curls) with The Curve. Shake hair gently and wait to apply finisher.

Defined Twists

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Let your hair take center stage as The Curve's curved silhouette becomes your ultimate partner in crafting bouncy, defined curls. Its remarkable shape embraces your tresses, encouraging them to spiral into graceful coils. Adjust the temperature settings to suit your hair's needs, and watch as The Curve's ceramic tourmaline plates breathe life into each strand, creating captivating curls that speak volumes.

The technique: Flip sections of the hair into the tool as you pull downwards to create waves. Do not brush. 

Mermaid Waves

Emily Ratajkowski's Instagram

Dive into a world of ethereal beauty and evoke the spirit of mermaids with The Curve's magical touch. With every carefully orchestrated twist and turn, you create textured waves that mirror the undulating rhythm of the ocean's depths. The Curve's unique curvature weaves a tale of enchantment, transporting you to a realm where every strand sings a song of allure and mystery.

The technique: Flip sections of the hair into the tool as you pull downwards to create waves. Brush, tease, and use finisher.


Zendaya's Instagram

Awaken the dormant goddess within and let your hair reach for the stars with The Curve's transformative power. This exceptional tool breathes life into flat hair, infusing it with voluminous splendor. As The Curve works its magic, lifting and curling from the roots, your hair takes on a life of its own, exuding a mesmerizing aura of confidence and grandeur.

The technique: As you iron, direct the curved portion to face outwards away from the head as you style. Flip ends both inwards and outwards for added body.



Gabrielle Hartman
Gabrielle Hartman

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