Fall is here, and following Fashion Week vogue in New York, London, Milan and Paris, here are some hairstyle ideas to match the season’s trends for your daily runway.

With the help of fashion, stylist and social media influencer  Lavenda Memory, from Lavenda’s Closet, and FHI HEAT artist Vanessa Bautista, here are a series of hair styling tips that perfectly match the fashion tendencies for this fall, helping to bring the latest hair trends from runway, to reality, with tips and looks from the experts, so you are runway-ready for all the events and daily activities of the season.

This year’s fashion is all about power colors, Victorian necklines and oversized, vintage-inspired coats. From monochromatic looks, to sleek coats and statement boots, using pieces of clothing and accessories in red will help you bring color to your fall wardrobe and fire up your style,”

The fall-winter trends reflect bold colors, retro tendencies and unique styles to follow. Update your hairstyle with a medley of hair textures, and switch up your look while staying on trend this season. FHI HEAT is your heat-protecting ally helping professionals and hair lovers to create virtually any style! So keep it simple and recreate these simple hairstyles that go with the season’s trends.

How to achieve this look:

• Apply a lightweight styling primer and a blow dry serum with heat protectant to slightly damp hair
• Complete a directional blow dry using your blow dryer and paddle brush and a ‘truck and trailer’ method following the natural curvature of the head to straighten and smooth
• When complete, create a middle part using fingers (for a more natural-looking part line) and use a 1” flat iron to smooth root area to mid-lengths
• Use 1” curling iron to enhance natural texture through mid-lengths and ends – focusing on whatever will fall below the pony
• Pull hair back into a low ponytail using a cushion brush to smooth
• Use a bungee or elastic cord to secure pony
• Pull out an approximately 1” section from the base of the pony, apply a small amount of a medium-hold gel to section and smooth with brush
• Wrap section around the base of the pony and secure using a bobby pin
• Add a chic metal accessory or ribbon if desired
• Apply a small amount of shine serum through ends of pony and finish with a medium-hold dry hairspray.


How to achieve this look:

• Apply styling primer and lightweight mousse to slightly damp hair
• Blow dry using your fingers to ‘diffuse’ the hair and preserve natural wave
• Working off of a middle part, add a few curls throughout hair using a 1 ¼” inch curling iron to enhance natural texture where needed
• Create a parting from ear to ear and approximately 2-3 inches back from hair line. Clip hair away
• Next, split remaining hair into two and create a natural middle part down the back of the head using your fingers
• Direct the section on right side of head across the back of the head and over the shoulder to the left and begin dutch-braiding until you run out of hair to braid.
• Secure the end of the braid with a clear rubber band and gently pull braid apart using thumb and forefinger to create additional texture
• Repeat and pull the section on left side of the head back and over your right shoulder and braid, secure and gently pull apart.
• Wrap braids up and over the crown of the head and pin to secure, just behind the hair previously sectioned out around the hairline
• For those with mid-length hair or shorter, try braiding a weft of hair or clip-in extension and pin to secure over smaller braids
• Unclip 2-3 inch section of hair around the face and pin back and under braids to hide any part lines
• Leave out a few wispy pieces around hairline for softness
• Finish with a medium-hold hairspray

Must Haves: Fresh Start Protective Prep and Primer – Pump it up ” Express Blowout Serum –  Platform Nano 1900 Dryer
Platform Styling Iron 1″  – Platform Curling Iron 1″ – Shine Express Instant Shine Mist – Stay Styled Variable Hold Dry Hair Spray -Paddle Brush – Bungee or Elastic Cord.



Must Haves:

“Fresh Start” Protective Prep and Primer – “Full Blown” Blow Out Volumizing Mousse – Platform Nano 1900 Dryer – Platform Curling Iron  1 ¼”- Clear Rubber Bands – Bobby Pins – “Stay Styled” Variable Hold Dry Hair Spray


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